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    K& N air Filter

    Will a K& N air Filter improve perfomance on a 2013 Kia Ceed 1.6 Diesel auto ? The car is a turbo diesel 126 bhp I will try a K& N filter. overall 35 mpg City & Motorway combined.
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    Kia New Ceed Research Discussion

    I have been invited to give my opinions on my New Ceed 2 I.6 Diesel auto to a Mori research organisation next Friday, This will be a 2 hour session for which I shall be receiving an incentive of £70 which I intend to donate to Grt Ormond St. Childrens Hospital. My complaint on the new Ceed are...
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    New Kia Ceed 2 I.6 diesel auto

    Hi Everybody, just purchased new Kia Ceed 2 and find the Kia 6 speed auto diesel combo to be excellent. However unfortunately dash instruments are simply lousy, Overlarge fuel gauge,No permanent engine temp display,tied up in mostly undecipherable menu system stupidly placed in middle of...

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