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  1. ronniecalcutta

    Moving to UK

    Hello all! After a long time I am again back Torquecars! I was having intense pressure & had to study a lot to shape my career. I have now completed my post diploma in Automotive Mechatronics from Mercedes-Benz India plant & have become a Certified System Technician. Guys, I am thinking of...
  2. ronniecalcutta

    Happy New Year !!

    I wish a very Prosperous Happy New Year to all the people behind Torquecars & all the mates who are a part of Torquecars family. I wish everyone starts the 1st day of 2011 with enhanced energy to design & modify new cars with never before ideas & carry it on for rest of our lives.... :D :D :D
  3. ronniecalcutta

    All new Torquecars !

    Hello you moderator guys ! Thanks everyone for an entire overhaul of our favourite forum. You guys made our forum really better. The new background is good, the home page is made to be soothing for our eyes, the congested separators are gone, the profile page is made lighter, it's taking less to...
  4. ronniecalcutta

    Why not Diesel?

    Despite having much more Thermal efficiency & fuel economy than Gasoline, why diesel cars are not used enough for racing purpose? What are the barriers & limitations of a Diesel engine according to you? And what are the mods that can be implemented to a Diesel engine to make it unbeatable? Do...
  5. ronniecalcutta

    Where do you see me?

    Hello friends, as you know, I'm Ronnie, doing Diploma in Automotive Technology from here: I want to be a renowned Technician. From your perspective, where do you see me? Where do you think I'll be after 10 years? and what will I be doing then?
  6. ronniecalcutta

    Happy Independence Day !

    Wish a very Happy Independence Day to all Indians in this community. Wish all my friends here from the rest of the world be happy too on this day !
  7. ronniecalcutta

    How to make convertible?

    Hello guys ! What change in the dashboard & interior do I have to make if I want to change a car into a convertible one? How to keep the equipments safe from the heavy monsoon showers & sunlight of India?
  8. ronniecalcutta

    Emission control ideas

    What are the ideas you have to reduce the emission of the cars? Share the innovative ideas you nurture inside your mind.. Be it a funny one too...
  9. ronniecalcutta

    The Muscle car sound.

    Hello mates, what are the best procedures to get a heavy revving sound from the exhaust like a muscle car? Leave apart the turbos, screamer pipes, how to do it on a stock car within hours? Mods on resonators, mufflers is what I want.
  10. ronniecalcutta

    Our First day on wheels !

    Hey Guys ! Share the experience that what happened when you first tried to roll a car. The funny things occurred down the lane. In my case, I stalled the engine 4 times within 20 yards...hahaha...heavy foot !:lol:
  11. ronniecalcutta

    Advantages of Dual Clutch Transmission System

    Hello Mates ! I seek your opinion on the Dual Clutch Transmission systems. Getting used in Mercs, Skodas nowadays. What are the real thing with the vehicles using it? Does that increase driveability? Anyone who has driven this kind of car please help me out.
  12. ronniecalcutta

    What makes a power boost?

    Hey guys ! What according to you gives instant power boost to an engine?
  13. ronniecalcutta

    How to modify ECM data?

    Hello Friends, I've seen in a few movies (Fast& Furious), that they modify the ECM data to increase performance. Even they're doing it using a Laptop while racing. How they do it? I knew that the ECM data is hard to crack because it is locked by manufacturers. Please help me out another time !
  14. ronniecalcutta

    Spark Ignition Engine v/s Compression Ignition Engine

    In this thread we will discuss on our likes. Be it a Diesel or Gasoline engine, you have to mention why you love them. A little technical aspects too.. please..
  15. ronniecalcutta

    Volkswagen in India

    Volkswagen has acquired land in Chakan, Pune for production of hatchbacks like Polo & sedans like Passat. The first car is expected to roll out of the factory in the end of 2011.
  16. ronniecalcutta

    New Member from Calcutta, India

    Hi All... I'm Aritra Roy from India. I'm an Automotive technician here. I'm new to this forum, so please spread your helping hands if I ever have a query. I promise you to do the same with the little bit of knowledge I possess.

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