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  1. RichiesTrucking

    AWD drivers please look

    i know nothing about mechanics so diagnosing is difficult to say the least, especially with what i thought was a very intermittant problem but possibly not? i want to throw an idea in and see if you guys think it makes sense or not initial problem: driving along and the car gets a little jolt...
  2. RichiesTrucking

    multi car

    do Sky offer a policy that covers 2 cars on a single policy? i need a banger for a few months but i dont want to stop the insurance on the VR4. can you help or do i need to buy a shopping trolley and insure it with no NCB?
  3. RichiesTrucking

    up but not down?

    as this is largely an enthusiasts forum and therefore modified cars and sky are a specialist in that field, perhaps a question could be answered;) if i make my car faster it is regarded as higher risk and my premium goes up which makes sense. if i upgrade my brakes my car should be safer and...
  4. RichiesTrucking

    winter tyres

    the use of these is causing some hot debate on CVR4 so i would like to know how the insurance industry sees them. obviously they would look more favourably on a car fitted with winter tyres in winter but are they significant enough to inform an insurance company of when they are fitted/removed?
  5. RichiesTrucking

    car stolen - swindon

    5/6th october, trigger mauve legnum (same as my car) relatively rare with the SSR rims and 360 front brake, colour coded EVO bonnet and Super canards reg no P535 FTT
  6. RichiesTrucking

    the old and new

    2 years ago when i took her on 2 years later propelled by: the new one
  7. RichiesTrucking

    hello from a jap car fan

    i finally got my VR4 in june this year. going backwards: 2001 galant estate 2.5 V6 sport (now a donor car) 1999 galant 2.4 GDi 1998 galant 2.0 GLS 1989 supra turbo suffice to say i got a taste of jap cars with the supra and have stuck with them. chances are my next car will be a facelift VR4...

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