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  1. tjay56

    Speed limiters

    Hi folks,a friend of mine has recently bought an ex BRITISH GAS CORSA COMBO 1.3 diesel van.It's fitted with a speed limiter and he wants to know of anyone that would know how to get it removed.Can anyone help please? tjay56.
  2. tjay56

    What was he thinking?

    I was travelling along the A12 yesterday,around the speed limit,:amuse:,in the outside lane,when this idiot in a MONDEO pulls out in front of me,and proceeds to dawdle along at 55mph.I flashed my lights for him to move over,which he obviously didn't like,and jammed his brakes on.I narrowly...
  3. tjay56

    Important snow info

    Folks,I was watching a reporter on BBC news yesterday,and during his interview with an AA man,the following info came to light. It is now apparently against the law to drive your vehicle with snow covering it.If you have snow on the roof,bonnet or boot and it slides off and causes following...
  4. tjay56

    World touring cars at donington

    OK folks,who's up for a meet 17th July 2011 at Donington Park to watch the World touring Car package?
  5. tjay56

    Celtic tuning

    I'm currently looking at having my ecu remapped,and came across the above company.Has anyone evr heard of them,and are they any good?
  6. tjay56


    I currently drive a VAUXHALL CORSA VXRacing(1.6ltr turbo).The manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 20,000 miles.I had the oil changed at 1,000 miles to get rid of any muck in the engine.I'm just curious as to your thoughts on the recommended milage between oil changes.I plan on keeping...
  7. tjay56

    vxr owners

    Are there any on here?
  8. tjay56


    Yes,another got details of this forum whilst searching for one of the members.Unfortunately he's been banned,so can't contact Any way,I've been into cars since I was a wee lad,and thats a LONG time ago.I currently drive a CorsaVXRacing,and love it.

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