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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    With some knowledgable petrol heads on here...probably the best place to ask ;) Next year's project is tackle the cooling side on the SAAB as it gets a bit warm in there now on the new tune. I'll be pushing the IC right up front for better airflow as its sandwiched between the rad & AC at the...
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    As there's a vast amount of experience here :) I need an uprated clutch for the Saab, due to the higher torque my tuner gets from his maps in a bit limited to aftermarket clutch options. SPEC do a 3+ which I've been told will hold the torque, but some have had issues with longevity and problems...
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    Rose jointed drop links vs HD Meyle

    Im having a full refresh on the suspension next month, polybushed throughout (I'll start a seperate thread on that one!!) new suspension arms, top mounts etc but also need new drop links as mine have had it. I can get some Rose Jointed drop links for £60-75 or Heavy Duty Meyle ones for around...
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    Uprated alloy water radiators

    Can anybody recommend somewhere who could either build an Uprated alloy radiator or sells decent afternarket ones please? Im struggling with this one! The only place I can find who sells a drop in fit are Courtney Sport but the price is eye watering for a rad!!!!! They seem to be the go too...
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    Recommend some decent fast road pads plz

    Im currently using EBC Yellow Stuff with Mtec discs, HEL lines & RBF600 fluid. The pads now need changing and I'll be sticking fresh rbf600 fluid in same time. Im looking for another good fast road/track pad like the yellow stuff but what else would be worth considering? I've got a few in mind...
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    Welsh noob with a Saab

    Hi just joined. Dave (Dai) from South Wales. Looks a cracking forum this! Can't believe I've only now found it!