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    Which are the best oil brands to use

    Has anyone used Halfords track day oil?
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    What mods would buy with £2000

    Maptun 4 pots & sticky tyres :) And £5 flowers to smooth things over with 'er indoors....
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    Stopped by the police

    Quite a lot when I was young & stupid .V( I think the funniest (but not at the time as we had a major telling off!!) was pulling up at the lights opposite a dark grey escort, I had my seat belt on, my mate didn't in the passenger seat and the driver of the escort started pointing at us rapidly...
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    170bhp 1.4 Turbo vs 2.0 NASP

    Turbo baby ;)
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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    Here's a screen shot of the info for the uprated water rad: The guys who sell the 5"DP also sell an uprated rad in the link above for around £450(ish) but then have to factor in shipping costs plus tax and any issues that may arise with fitting or if it gets damaged in transit from the states...
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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    Here's the info on the 5" DP: The second option is our special 5 inch expansion chamber downpipe. This downpipe has a large 5 inch exhaust section behinsd the turbine outlet. Turbine wheel efficency is rated in work extracted from exhaust, and efficecny can be increased by changing the...
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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    Thabks mate, I'm on the fence with the 5" DP. Still trying to get better info on that one and if anyone's tested it on the TD04. I think it was tried out with a HX35. I'll have to log the coolant & oil temps when I'm home to see exactly what happening. Performance side I'm 99% happy with now...
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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    Water temp mainly mate, I'll dig out the info later but the new water rad re-routes the pipework and sounds much more efficient. When I'm home next I'll get HP Tuners on there and log the oil & water temps. The oil cooler sounds a must on bigger turbo'd 2.8 v6t's (gt30/holset etc) and...
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    Uprated oil cooler or water rad?

    With some knowledgable petrol heads on here...probably the best place to ask ;) Next year's project is tackle the cooling side on the SAAB as it gets a bit warm in there now on the new tune. I'll be pushing the IC right up front for better airflow as its sandwiched between the rad & AC at the...
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    Aye!! Cost almost as much as I paid for the car!! Labour charge was pretty heavy but had to be done before the clutch died & pointless not going for the diff, was right on the edge of traction with just the stage 1 map :)
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    I haven't had a chance to try it really yet mate (sticking to this 500 mile drive like a vicar thing so there's no comebacks) but I can definitely feel it working even driving slow/normal. Just tugs you into the corners better, can feel the other wheel load up and just pull the car around.
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    Forgot to update this! The clutch is now fitted, loads of messing though back & forward with problems getting the flywheel to fit & delays etc....6 weeks to fit!!! And a fairly big labour charge to get it in there (garage had to re-book it in 3 times and cancel other jobs so they've also lost...
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    Are lowered cars better at cornering

    Mines lowered with Eibachs & B8's, definitely noticed an improvement over the standard kit, but the biggest improvement was having the wheel alignment & camber sorted. Kicking myself for not doing it earlier :( £60 well spent :)
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    5252 and the torque curve

    Interesting topic, I've learnt a bit more anyway! :cool:
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    Standard or aftermarket ICE

    I'm hoping to get mine finished next month, spent months on it in between shifts when I first bought the car, ripped he interior out and deadened everywhere!! But haven't touched it in ages. The standard systems awful (and I'm one of the lucky ones with the full speaker set up!!) very difficult...
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    Someone mentioned a Tilton clutch on the U.S. Saab forums mate but that went way over my head! I'm not too clued up on clutches and still learning. I'll suck it & see with this, they've guaranteed it'll hold 450ft/lbs but should hold a fair bit more, it's rated at 150% over standard so roughly...
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    Not much choice mate. I can't find anything that'll reliably hold around 500ft/lbs. That Spec mini twin disc looks like it's not going to happen and the guys using the SpEC 3+ are all having issues after around 10k miles. The stage 4 with solid flywheel seems to be holding but still early...
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    Flywheel lightening & performance gains from lighter flywheels

    I'm having a custom SMF build with the new clutch and asked about a lightened flywheel as I had one on the previous car and it made a big difference to acceleration, but they've recommended keeping the smf the same weight as the old DMF or just take a couple KGs off instead of fitting their...
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    Custom made uprated clutch...where/who from?

    Forgot to update this. After a few emails back & forward to CG Motorsport they're now making a limited run of their 666 & 777 clutches for the Saab & Vectra VXR. I've gone for the 777 kit which is a paddle clutch and should hold the torque fine. So should be here in 3 weeks or so! Quaife LSD...
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    I'm going to get these guys to finish my car!

    Have you also tried the single point kit or did you go straight to direct port? I'm still thinking about it but probably single point (mainly for ease of installation & taking it back off when I sell up) intake manifolds are something stupid like £250 a pop each for mine used vs swapping the...