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    Some good starter mods for mx-5 1999 model

    Hi guys i havent bin on in a long time but im back now with more questions of course what would be some good starter mods for a new driver for a mx-5 1999 looking for mods for engine/suspension/brakes
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    Mazda mx-5 Tires,rims, and width

    Hello guys its me again with another question how much change would it be if i put wider wheels in the back and threw on some 15 inch 5 spoke rims. tire size wheel size and wheels width helps and once more thank you
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    ecu remap on a mazda mx-5 (1996)

    Is a ecu remap just a different chip or am i missing by a longshot iv heard people getting for the 50 bhp from a ecu remap so im curious o and if you get a ecu remap will you ahve to change any engine parts.
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    How much money you have spent tuning your mazda car and what parts

    Hello guys i just want an idea of how much a good deal of money is spent on car tuning and customizing so i know what a reasonable amount would be and what parts have you chosen for your car. Thank you for your time-koolbum20
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    Mazda mx-5 TURBO

    Hello guys its me again how much would a bolt on turbo kit and boost control system cost to hook onto the mx-5 year 1996 1.8l engine o and also what would help the turbo perform better and would any of these listed parts interfere with its performance stainless steel catback exhaust system, k&n...
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    Hello guys im new to this forum and just want to know what kinda mods i can hook onto the engine and suspension and ya i kinda live in the usa so if anyone can relate to that please help. also would a cold air intake decrease power or increase power because i heard that a cold air intake on a...