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    New Formula 1 qualifying

    What's everyone's opinion on the new F1 qualifying rules coming in through mid season? Found this for those who don't know: Qualifying one 16 minutes in length After seven minutes, the slowest driver is eliminated Every 90 seconds thereafter the slowest driver is eliminated until the...
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    Hi Everyone

    I've had a gander already and found some great tips along the way! |B Perfect, Thank you!
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    Are dash cameras legal in the UK

    Yeah I've heard and seen multiple statements about on road collisions that have happened and there's been a dash cam present and it helps massively!!
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    Whats your current favourite car

    The new Lamborghini Centenario is looking pretty good!!
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    Have you named your car

    I named mine Barry after my test examiner passed me. Told him that I would do it so that could be the main reason why I passed ;)
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    Have lower fuel prices affected you much?

    Yeah to be honest, as petrol is cheaper lately I'm finding myself doing quick car journeys for something that is easily within walking distance. Now that you think about it it's probably amounting to the same price ?-/ I even find myself driving to further petrol stations just because they are...
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    Do you sing in your car

    Saw this article on the guardian earlier stating that dancing at the wheel doesn't increase your chances of a crash apparently according to statistics, so feel free to dance and sing away :) Plus if a good song comes on the radio it's impossible not to! :rolleyes:
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    General engine tuning tips (VERY General)

    A great read, thanks for the tip! |B
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I'm Rachel, live in Liverpool and currently driving a Vauxhall Corsa SRi