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    Quess whos back??
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    Best Mods

    What are the best mods for a CORSA?
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    What would every1 think of a complete respray of my car? white im thinking?
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    OH NO!!

    somethin is majorly wrong!! im gutted! my car keeps sittin below revs when tickin over. ill keep u posted as got it booked in for the workshop afta work tonight!!
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    Painting plastic seals?

    hello, any 1 got any ideas about painting the plastic seals on the outside of the car, my boyfriend has a white saxo, with black panels, looks naff! would it jus be the case of takin them off, rubbin down and paintin. any1 had any experience?? Needs to colour code!!
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    lets hear it then, sound systems?
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    Hello from Cheryl to all our Vauxhall owners

    Hello all you Vauxhall owners, Please introduce yourself, and mods your doin to your cars? swap tips? questions? Girls included!! Would be good if i wasnt the only one!!
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    Seem to be the onli girl here! this really aint fair! need to change this wayne!
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    got a problem wit my car! driving it yesterday had a orange light cum on then dash,looks like a tap. been told it was the ECU, but havnt got a clu. the speedo isnt workin and the miles arent clockin up, any ideas? and price?
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    was jus curious what people had had out of thier corsas? mine doesnt seem to go over 100, pushin it i had 108, but this isnt normal for a 1.4, as i drove a saxo and got 115, easy. any ideas y mine wont move?
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    Are neons illegal?

    hi! Before I make a complete cock up of myself and argue my point after being pulled over for having my neon’s on, is it illegal or not? I’ve been advised that as long as you can not see the tubes from under the body kit, its fine. I’ve also been told that every colour except blue is ok, as...
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    Girl needin help!

    I've got a corsa 98,kitted. needin a new front bumper, any ideas??