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  1. Munt

    Evo3 front bumper

    Hi guys looking for information on putting the Evo 3 front bumper on a and don't laugh proton jumbuck as I have no brackets for fixing could someone tell me the best way of doing this so I don't have to spend hours pissin about with it thanks in advance
  2. Munt

    Evo bonnet

    Hi all you car nuts I'm looking for an Evo 1/2or 3 bonnet if by any chance you just happen to have one lying around please let me know I've got 3 fruit salads and a packet of tunes to trade or I can pay cash thanks lads
  3. Munt

    Evo 3 bonnet

    Hi I'm looking for an Evo 3 bonnet for my proton jumbuck project let me know if you got one thanks
  4. Munt

    Steering wheel boss

    Hi all just hopeing you can help me out I need to know if an Evo steering wheel boss will fit a proton jumbuck thanks
  5. Munt

    Hi I'm munt

    I'm from the uk got a jumbuck a few weeks ago great little truck many plans in the pipe line

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