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  1. davalav

    Help with Coilovers!

    Hey guys Been a while and hope all the usual members are okay? I've been absent from the forum, I think now; for over a year! I do apologise! Been busy. Anyway, I bought another R56 after my last relationship ended (Was 2 months away from Marriage!! - Phewww lol) Had it now for nearly 8 months...
  2. davalav

    Ford Fiesta ST 150

    Hi all Here are some pics of my new ST150! Epic little car, I love it. Handles beautifully and goes very well for a 2.0l NA I'll update as and when something new happens! Cheers
  3. davalav

    GAP Insurance

    Hey all! Apologies for not being on much, been mega busy lately. So I need to ask for some advice on behalf of my other half about GAP insurance policies. So, before I met her she took out a small finance deal on a little Fiesta for like £100 a month or something close around 2 years ago...
  4. davalav

    Bugatti Veyron Engine

    I am watching 'How the Bugatti Veyron' is made. The bloke narrating the film, mentioned the engine actually produces 3000BHP! 2000BHP is lost to heat energy! Can someone please explain how this amount of energy can be lost to heat? I know of general losses through componants is common on...
  5. davalav

    Home brewed V12 Yep, a V12 from the 1JZ GTE engine. Click the links to view the pics
  6. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Good day gents, I got my new car last Sunday and love it!
  7. davalav

    What car manufacturer has made the most best cars?

    I am re watching an older episode of TopGear and they mentioned what car manufactures that actually have made a lot of really good cars. So who would you suggest?
  8. davalav

    Some guidence please

    As some know I skidded into the back of some one at the start of this month. I have just had the claim sheet through and the guy is proper taking the biscuit. He has claimed for soft tissue damage, whiplash and head aches, several days off work and a hire car. What a joke. I didn't hit...
  9. davalav

    Just my luck - Again...

    Seriously thinking of selling my car and getting the train to work. So on Friday on my journey home, I was following a van on the A13 from Brentwood in the outside lane. He was going about 60mph and was leaving a good 15 car spaces in front of him. So I basically undertook him. Nice and casual...
  10. davalav

    Nos - :)

    As title really... :) Can any one explain to me how it works and how its fitted? I understand the basics of it.... Injected into fuel mixture= more power? But how do you fit it? Advantages? disadvantages? In the summer I am planning to start my turbo project, but I have been curious...
  11. davalav


    I bought some of this... I am going to use it Tuesday if weather permits. Any one ever used it?
  12. davalav

    Alpine CDA-9847r AiNET

    Hi guys, My older brother gave me an older head unit as mine was pants. Its an Alpine CDA 9874r which is brilliant! The bass output is cracking, and it's easy to use! So on the back it has a 3.5mm jack for AUX connections, so I googled it and it turns out it has a Ainet connection! How...
  13. davalav

    Oh dear... Coolant leak

    Morning guys, Yesterday me and a friend were doing a service, and also fitting a blank plate for the stat, and a PRT kit and also replacing the 2 temp sensors as the temp gauge seemed to be on coke! It would fluctuate massively if I had the fans on. Bled all correctly and heaters turned...
  14. davalav

    Shell V-Power

    So after the recent thread on the forum suggesting V power was a good fuel, I tried it. I filled up from an empty tank to halfway on Sunday and have done about 100 miles since. My first thoughts when I filled up and been driving for a little while, where it feels sluggish. It seems to need...
  15. davalav

    I need a favour!

    Evening guys, So... A new project may have come up. But I need a trailer... So any one have one? Or fancy earning them selves some money? If not, is there any companies in Essex that will go and pick it up? Its just outside of Barnet, which is 40 odd miles away from my address. According to...
  16. davalav

    K series engine

    I need some info about the K series engines as I have a few plans in the next few months in regards to my car. My future plans include a turbo conversion. I don't want to follow the crowd and go down the T16 route, or the 1.8 turbo. So my idea is a 1.4 turbo. There are many haters and...
  17. davalav

    Need quick tips on drifting!

    Hey everyone! So, due to the generous nature of my girlfriends Dad, he has booked us both in for a few hours worth of drifting lessons on Thursday. To say I am confident is a complete lie, I am nervous as hell and have never drifted a car before. Is there anything I need to look out for...
  18. davalav

    Any Lawn Mower engine

    Hi guys, So here is an odd one... I want a Lawn mower engine as cheap as possible. Between 5hp and 12hp if possible. If my grandad lived closer, which he doesn't as he is in North Wales he has a host of ride of lawn mowers I would take. Anyway, my plan is to build a Go Kart as me and my...
  19. davalav

    The MG ZR

    Hey folks, So as some of you know, the old trusty died a horrible death by choking on its own internals. It's replacement is this! A 2005 MG ZR 105 trophy +. Handles superbly, has a pretty quick 2nd gear and is overall tons of fun! FSH, 33,000 miles and one lady owner from new. A picture...
  20. davalav


    Hi guys, Had a problem with my heaters not blowing hot air, discovered it was the oh so common Saab valve! I have emptied the car of all coolant, changed the valve, and filled it back up with water, for testing purposes. went for a quick blast, and within 2 minutes my heaters where hot...
  21. davalav

    MG ZR Saab Valve

    I'm hoping the MG buffs can help me with this... Basically my heating don't work. It has been like this for 2 days, and with all the bad weather is honestly, becoming dangerous! I have checked for air locks, the pipes going to the heater matrix are hot to the touch and the matrix flows water...
  22. davalav

    Conley Mini V8

    Wow... These are insane. Brief video on how they're made. The site which sells them!
  23. davalav

    Tracking a classic car

    Hi guys, So... I was up in the loft a few days ago searching for my old Action Men to hand down to my nephew. I discovered a box which contains my birth Dads prized possessions, in this box was a picture of a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.... I spoke to my mum about it and before my Dads passing, he...
  24. davalav

    R6 Throttle bodied MG ZR

    Hey guys, I think I have posted in the right area.... Anyway, As some of you know I now own a 1.4 MG ZR mk2 (2005) and they're great fun, but a little on the slow side. A few people tend to do a T16 conversion and even a VVC conversion, and I only have seen 1 guy who owned a throttle...
  25. davalav

    So... What did we all get?

    Merry Christmas everyone! Did we all get what we asked for? Or did Santa be a pain? :lol: I got my Auto Glym full cleaning kit! I also got Hitman: Absulotion, de icer, cufflinks from the GF and a chanel Homme Sport from her too! Lovely!
  26. davalav

    Christmas presents

    We have already had a thread about us lot treating our cars to some goodies. But what about us? What are we all hoping to unwrap on Christmas day? Hopefully Mum can manage to get me Hitman: Absulution on PC and maybe a detailing kit from Auto Glym.
  27. davalav

    Wrong details

    Hi guys! I have a problem and in need of advice. Since the departure of the old 306, I have bought a new car and my quest for insurance began! So I had rang my insurers up, who told me a week before that, buying a new car and insuring it is as simple as 1 2 3... So I bought an MG ZR...
  28. davalav

    Oh no!!!!

    On my way to work this morning, as I pulled out of a roundabout, I shifted to 2nd and started hearing a horrid noise, sounded like some one had put spanners into the engine! Shifted to 3rd to get off the roundabout then a massive cloud of smoke came out and kept smoking really bad! Lifted...
  29. davalav

    Forum bugs and problems

    I have this error show up apon logging in and posting. Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error. Waynne, I am...
  30. davalav

    Another question about spraying

    Right, Hopefully I'll be getting all the equipment I need to do a complete respray on my car. I need a little advice though.... Spray guns, I have found a set of gravity guns. This kit contains: Any good? I don't want to...
  31. davalav

    Ford Escort Gti Mk5

    Alright guys, My older brother has just gone and got himself a Ford Escort GTI with 60,000 geniune miles. An old lady owned it since 1998. Then a guy bought it around 4 months ago and restored it. So its in pretty good condition.... It's the 1.8 silver top Zetec engine. I've looked into...
  32. davalav

    I don't know what to do

    Hi guys, The typical happened yesterday, after making my way to my girlfriends, I hadn't even made it out of South Woodham yet ( 2 mins from where I live ) I had a collision. The stupid woman, was in the wrong lane on the roundabout going around and was then to pull off cutting every one up...
  33. davalav

    KKK K14 turbo

    Let me start by saying this.... AAARRRGHHHHHH!!! Most fiddly freakin turbo in the world! Managed to move one nut, but the outside one was so bloody tight. I need some advice on getting that second nut undone. Jarrus, this may be for you. I'll share a picture and hopefully you'll be able...
  34. davalav

    Wanted - Cheap, cheerful 4ch Amp

    Well... with a stupid accident on my behalf, I blow my amp. So looking for a cheap as chips replacement, until I can fund a kick ass one. Cheers,
  35. davalav

    Mot 2012

    Hi guys, Right... If all goes well on 30th July, I'll pass my driving test. In the meantime, I have been thinking about what I want to do to my car. I have then searched for MoT rules and see what they test for and make sure my mods don't inflict with current MoT standards...
  36. davalav

    Snow foam clean Interesting one here guys... Has any one ever tried this? I think the foam sticks the the dirt and it comes off easier when pressure washed or something.
  37. davalav

    D turbo miseries

    Okay... Mum got her new car, and on the last day of using mine before her insurence transfers over to the new one, the alternator belt snapped! :amazed: :sad2: So.... whilst I was at work the step dad went and bought a new belt and attemped to fit it, and to my ( Un suprise ) Suprise he...
  38. davalav

    Throttle Bodies

    I have a question that I have wondered for quite some time. We all know Throttle Bodies's add air into EACH cyclinder etc etc... I see a lot of conversions on many ford engines such as the YB engine, using Jenvey throttle bodies. My idea is... Why hasn't there been a throttle body...
  39. davalav

    davalavs D turbo

    Hey all, Right... I have been a member almost a year now and none of you have seen my 'Ride', well that's about to change... I am sure your thinking... " Why is starting a project thread? He hasn't passed his test! " I haven't, no. But I can't see why that should stop me? I'd mainly like...
  40. davalav

    Seat Ibiza 1.4 6j

    Evening guys, My freinds birthday is on the way and I am wanting to get him an induction kit for his car. I know inductions kits don't deal much power, but this is the reason for the post. I am stuck on wether I should get him a new K&N panel filter and smooth the airbox and maybe add a...

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