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  1. Country Bumpkin

    supercharged 2004 MG TF 160

    Hi, I've been away for a few days and I'm away again early in the morning. When I get back, I'll take some time out to see if I can find ways to help you achieve your goal and see if I know anyone around your area who is more connected with tuning in Oz.
  2. Country Bumpkin

    supercharged 2004 MG TF 160 This is one of the links which may help. There's many more available, I can not personally vouch for their validity but I have used the top one as a base guide to work from when doing different cars.
  3. Country Bumpkin

    supercharged 2004 MG TF 160

    Start at the back, what does your fuel pump produce in litres per minute ? This is normally the first link in the chain when more fuel is required, not always but in general. After market fuel pumps generally require direct battery voltage to get the benefits from them. This is because lots of...
  4. Country Bumpkin


    Good news, I'm pleased for you and fingers crossed that the 'old lady' continues to run well. This is a prime example of how hard it is to assist people over the net, without going through every conceivable possibility, it's down to a bit of pot luck sometimes and going back to basics. A lot...
  5. Country Bumpkin

    Shell V-Power

    My GTO runs lovely on V-power and hates the BP stuff. It's just a case of finding the best fuel for your individual car.
  6. Country Bumpkin

    Mitsubishi Galant Sports GT

    It's been a couple of years since I've worked on a Galant but if I remember correctly, the G-box ECU is in the same place as on the GTO, which is bolted to the floor pan, under the dash at the very front of the centre console. I'm going by vague memory here so don't hold that to be definite. By...
  7. Country Bumpkin

    Mitsubishi Galant Sports GT

    I'm assuming that it's mated to an auto box, your description is vague but I'm going on the 'kick-down' bit. If so, the most probable cause is the g-box ECU. Take it out and check the capacitors for leakage, it's a common fault. Other obvious checks are oil level, quantity and quality and...
  8. Country Bumpkin

    Heat and aggressive drivers

    As long as the traffic is flowing people are in a better mood. Turn that into a traffic jam and tempers will soon flare and people will confront others. If it's a traffic jam and it's chucking it down, people will just blast their horns but won't get out of their tin box in case they get wet...
  9. Country Bumpkin


    I did try that option before posting but guess you have to be friended first.
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    I have no idea how to send a private message otherwise I'd give you my phone number and you're welcome to call me and I'll gladly talk you through the whole process, it's really nothing to be overly cautious of.
  11. Country Bumpkin


    I had a quick chat with my mate, he says that his plug change took a couple of hours working slowly with a couple of tea breaks. Doing a compression test will be the same process, except for actually screwing in a tester and doing the test, if you add half an hour, job done. It's just a bit...
  12. Country Bumpkin


    Sorry, I have no idea on a price, although I can ask a friend who has a Silver Shadow, who works in a workshop. Yes, with a decent Pressure Testing kit, tools & perseverance, most people with common sense can carry out tasks like this. I'll ask my mate and get back to you on this issue.
  13. Country Bumpkin


    Your thoughts on the fueling etc may well be correct. However, I totally disagree with your theories of whether a compression test or leak down test is of any value. This is even more so of value on larger engines which can quite comfortably cruise at high speeds with a damaged valve/valve seat...
  14. Country Bumpkin

    Rolls-Royce FB60 engine question

    If you have access to a videoscope you could try looking into the block with that. It's what I'd be doing as a basic search inside the block. I have one of these for such purposes; Also, unless you can find a layout of the block on the net, in a...
  15. Country Bumpkin

    Cyclists love em or hate em

    The fact that they don't have compulsory insurance bugs me. They can scratch your car, break your mirrors etc with no recourse and in most cases will just ride off and disappear. If however you catch one of them and throw his bike against the nearest brick wall then politely educate him in the...
  16. Country Bumpkin

    Swedish Day Car Show - Winner!

    Excellent result, congratulations. Some nice phots of the older generation of motors on show too, thank you. :bigsmile:
  17. Country Bumpkin

    Leeds Castle 18th May

    Ahhh, you romantic chap, taking the missus to a car meet sounds like every woman's perfect present. :lol::lol:
  18. Country Bumpkin

    Scam buyer on my car!

    You'd never find him, that's the problem, he doesn't exist. Even cheques can be withdrawn up to a certain point, most banks are 10 days clearance for full approval. Cash is king or a bankers draft but accompany the drawer to the bank. There's so many ways to fraudulently buy stuff now, it's a...
  19. Country Bumpkin

    If you think bigger brakes will stop your car quicker, read this

    The car has ABS which is fully functional. Plus I've never had to lock my brakes so I can't answer that question with a 100% certainty. At speed I have always been fully aware of what's around me and distances, so knock off speed if the vehicle in front becomes too close for safety, or if...
  20. Country Bumpkin

    Fake components.

    If you search YouTube for fake air bags, there's loads of info on that subject.
  21. Country Bumpkin

    Fake components.

    Just watching a programme on the t.v. about cheap import parts from China. It's about replacement air bags, brake discs & alloy wheels. Some of the results are quite alarming. It was highlighted initially by a find of thousands of fake air bags for Honda cars found in the U.S.A. All I can say...
  22. Country Bumpkin

    If you think bigger brakes will stop your car quicker, read this

    I must add that prior to upgrading, my standard brakes were in top condition, new discs/pads/lines all round, new brake fluid and master cylinder in good condition.
  23. Country Bumpkin

    If you think bigger brakes will stop your car quicker, read this

    Although I agree 100% that good tyres are a must as is suspension condition and on normal cars standard brakes in tip top condition are plenty good enough. Cars like the 3000GT/GTO for instance have a decent brake set up, which in good condition is suffice for road use with stock performance...
  24. Country Bumpkin

    Question regarding badges

    A thought on this, and maybe a shot in the dark but how about creating one yourself. Working along the lines of how a windmill works or one of those little windmill on a stick things that kids have, or a propeller etc. A BMW logo is ideal for this as it uses four quadrants. Using an old badge...
  25. Country Bumpkin

    Question regarding badges

    Just stick one in your centre cap and tell your mates it spins when you drive, job done. :lol::lol:
  26. Country Bumpkin

    How far for cheap fuel

    Same here, no longer bothered. I draw the line at Motorway prices though and ensure I have plenty enough to avoid their extortionate prices.
  27. Country Bumpkin

    Some people ask the darndest things.

    Borrow a MIG welder and weld your mates discs to the brake calipers, job done and you won't even have to modify your own Corsa. Or fill his exhaust system with expanding foam, cheaper, more fun and could take ages to find if done with a long enough tube. Today is not a day for me to give...
  28. Country Bumpkin

    Turbo change on my Volvo

    That's a by product of diesel engines, they'll keep burning any oil that gets into the combustion chamber. It's also why diesels are fitted with a rev limiter, because otherwise they'll rev to destruction. Turning the engine off or sliding the rail on a diesel pump doesn't work, the quickest way...
  29. Country Bumpkin

    Anti Pollution Fault

    Is the car showing any side effects to this ? Poor or uneven idle, lumpy under driving conditions etc ? A diagnostic check should point you in the right direction but be aware that most diagnostics only give an area to search, not an exact answer. I would also consider getting it put on a gas...
  30. Country Bumpkin

    caliper pistons

    As suggested, using air will do the job. Be careful though, high air pressure can force the piston out at quite a rate of knots, keep fingers well away. The best way to use this method is with a G cramp and a piece of wood. That way you can apply air pressure through the brake fluid inlet and...
  31. Country Bumpkin

    Turbo change on my Volvo

    Something else to consider. The garage may have a supplier of turbo's and will include a warranty into the price. Turbo prices vary from supplier to supplier too, as does quality, vastly.
  32. Country Bumpkin

    Turbo change on my Volvo

    Use new oil and filter too, don't ruin all that work for the sake of neglecting the basics.
  33. Country Bumpkin

    hey help lol

    Hi & welcome, I'll start the ball rolling with my own personal views, which are just that, my outlook on modding cars. You have what is near as damn it a base model car and I do appreciate that modifying has to start somewhere and the learning curve is a steep one. However, I'll give you...
  34. Country Bumpkin

    Which one ???

    Are you old enough to own a Rover ? :bigsmile:
  35. Country Bumpkin

    What products to buy?!?!?!

    The most important thing to keep clean on any car is the glass, I see so many dirty windscreens that it amazes me how the drivers can see where they're going. My own favourite glass cleaner is Meguiars, it's excellent, doesn't leave smears and is easy to use and wipe off too. I'm sure others...
  36. Country Bumpkin

    high compresion need help

    Machining the head wouldn't work. Machining the surface would only increase pressure. Machining the combustion chambers would require so much work that it's totally unfeasible for this application, there's not enough material there to retain strength compared to the machining required to get the...
  37. Country Bumpkin

    Advice to a new driver

    That vid was funny. The downside to watching it is that I then spend half an hour laughing at more fools, it's addictive. :lol::lol:
  38. Country Bumpkin

    Advice to a new driver

    Now you have a license, go and learn to drive. They are taught to pass a test, not control a car. There's plenty of places Nationwide where you can learn to drive properly, which will make your driving more fun and safer for yourself and all other road users.
  39. Country Bumpkin

    high compresion need help

    I'm guessing that the Wiseco pistons were dished top of the correct application for your engine, which would give the correct compression pressure. Regardless, you need this type [dished] of piston to run your engine with a turbo. Flat top style of pistons will give you the higher compression...
  40. Country Bumpkin

    Exhaust help!!

    I agree with pg's tips.:p

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