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    Modifying cars could become more difficult

    Eh, most cars will soon be self-driving anyways, hell, there are even experts calculing how it will affect how we buy groceries, real estate, or how we commute! Here's an example :
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    Direct injection and what it means

    I've driven some cars with a direct injection engine, it does feel different but since I'm used to not having it, I get overly enthusiastic and got flashed a couple times... :}> I think it's like automatic gearboxes, if you haven't begun with one of them, it's very hard to make the transition.
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    Just make sure that the wife doesn't catch you getting a glimpse of these yoga pants or you won't have a pulse for long :rofl: Apart from that, the Swiss sure are not as open to strangers as in the Balkans... I've spent a couple years in Novi Sad, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo and have lots of good...

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