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    ep3 type r slow!!

    my ep3 type r feels very slow could the valves need ajusting etc and is there anyway without rolling roading the car of seeing if its underpreforming also im getting a shake at about 110mph any ideas thanks ?
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    audi a3 1.8t (AGU) for sale

    £1395 audi a3 1.8 t-sport 165k miles recent oil and spark plug change mot until spet 2013 taxed until end of nov will tax if needed full coilover suspension about a year old cat back stainless steel exhaust about a year old drilled groved and vented disc on the front boost gauge and controller...
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    civic type r ep3?

    hey guys im lookign to buy a type r ep3 theres a few different specs??? 30th aniversary premium etc... what is the one to go for are there different engine codes which are better than others any common faults etc??? any help would be highly appreciated thanks Tom
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    a3 parts coils??

    hey guys anyone know any good suppliers that sell upgraded coils or cheaper oem ones?? also i need a maf and n75 from a tt ? suppose to be better than the a3 standerd???
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    nissan 350z??:)

    hey looking at buyin a nissan 350z this summer just wondering anyone know of any common faults ive been told to check out the clutch but thats about it ?? such a big variation in price too any help and advice what to look for/ avoid would be amazing cheers guys :):)
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    big plans..t3 or k03s??

    hey was wondering whether too go for the t3 or t4 turbo or just a k03s or k04 im looking to change the manifold downpipe and intercooler all at the same time soo the different fitment arent a problem any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated
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    vagcom fault code??

    hey i recently put a cone filter onto my a3 agu engine decided i didnt really like and put my air box back on now my vag com is throwing up a mass air flow meter reading too low fault ?? is my maf gone or do i just need to reset the ecu ??
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    hey guys

    hey im looking to buy a skyline gtst or any of the turbo models but gettin insurance seems to be a nightmare anyone got any tips because the best quote i have had at the moment is £4200 which seems a bit extortionate im 21 and 4 years no claims really wanta skyline but its not looking possible...
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    insurance??illegally parked

    hey my gf has recently had an accident involving a parked car >.< the parked car was on a junction at the bottom of a steep hill.... this is against the highway code >.< as it was slippery she hit black ice and slid into the illegally parked car is she still liable or should she fight it??
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    t3 or t4 stage 3

    hey guys what would i need to fit a t3 or t4 stage three turbo to my car or isit a straight bolt on replacement ??
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    induction kit

    hey just wondering what the best inductio n kit would be for the 1.8t 150bhp engine... i seen the pipercross and kandn ones but i don t know which is better or even if there are others on the market worth looking at plus how do you fit it ?? so many wires to ther air box etc its confussinnnnn :P
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    boost pressure ???helpppp:(

    hey i got my boost gauge hooked up to the pressure pipe from the fpr and as i drive its boosts up to about 0.5-0.6bar which as i understand is about right but as i hit 3000rpm it drops drematicly through the range to about 5500rpm reading at about 0.2 bar any ideas what the problem could be ???
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    spliter type dump valve

    hey all long time no speak.. just purchased a splitter type bov so i have the optionm of atmospheric or fully recurulating it has a spring tensioner as appose to the three seperate springs on this on any idea how i tune it to my car ??? by the way saved a shed load on insurance this year ...
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    hey will the s3 front and rear bumpers fit on my a3 1998 8L ?
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    turbo k03-k03s

    right im just wondering how can you tell the difference between the k03 and the k03s turbo by just lookin at in when its attached to the car has any1 got a picture of both these turbos so i can study the difference ps how come the waste gate doesn have a direct pressure source from the turbo...
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    boost pressure??

    just put my boost gauge onto my car and under load its only showin 0.2 bar boost im pretty sure ive read that its suppose to be runngn at 0.5 bar standerd can any1 clear this up for me and what would be a safe pressure to run it at
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    just an update

    finally lowered my car to the floor :D baught a manuel boost control and boost gauge will let u know if its any good lookin to fit it next week.. next mod either intercooler or exaust system hopefully get sum pics soon too :D pitty shes on 150k miles :(( hope she can handle it all
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    help asap

    hey i just baught a boost gauge for my car any1 have any fittin instructions i need to find out which pipe is the vacuum pipe thanks :D
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    bg44 ?

    hey any1 know anythign about this bg44 read a few reviews n its suppose to be the stuff to get any1 used it or know some1 thats used it any comments would be great :D good bad ... or even if u know of something better
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    forge 700p

    Re: Fitting a Forge 700p diverter valve. Hey all, Could someone explain to me how this works & how it's fitted? Is the turbo pressure supposed to push against the spring or does the vacuum pipe pull the spring upwards? It’s confused me & I’ve tried it both ways around and doesn't seem to make...
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    engine fault ?

    some time when coasting in my car the revs bounce up and down between 800-100 rpm ... it stops when im stopped and also is completly fine wen im in gear any ideas what could be wrong guys ? its really annoyin haha :P
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    eunos spoiler

    hey guys looking for a spoiler for mx-5 wonderin how much they go for and have any of you got for sale thanks
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    hey i waz wonderin can u facelift the older model a3 with the split headligtht and indicator unit and put the newer single piece headlamps in ?????
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    intercooler question

    front mount intercoolers cool the air into the engine yes sooo will i need to cut my front bumper etc or can i hide it behind and will it make much difference with a remap and decat system i kn ow sport cats r the way to go but ive given it thought and decat is for me :D
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    long life exausts

    just had a quote by long life for my a3 are they any good and any1 know how i could get them no nock anymore off the price... ima cheap skate see:P haha
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    strut braces

    right i know im gettin ahead of myself for most of this stuff but i like to have a window of time and know how much its goin to cost and whether its worth doin sooner or later on but this time question is ....... strut braces front strut is relativly simple a si see it but what about a...
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    suspension help!!

    right then here we go :D:D im lookin to uprate the suspention on my a3 t-sport which if i recall correctly is already 15mm lower than a standerd im goin to go for sum basic coilovers but heres where it gets interesting im not sure how much to drop her is the first part,.. secondly i think im...
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    divertor valve help !!

    just fitted a new divertor valve to my a3 ... it came with different springs a soft medium and hard also came with 2 spacers im not sure what 1 is needed for my car can any1 help !!! also what are the benfits of havin this divertor valve ?????????
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    re-mapping (sorry about floodin the page with my posts lol)

    im lookin to get the big girl a remap was wondering where would be the best to go i dont know how much i will have to pay im guessing between £300-500?? any recomendations i dont want to travel to far and id like a print out of the bhp after the map as well thanks:D <<damn this site is really...
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    colour coded?

    thinkin of colour codin the bottom parts of the bumpers and skirts what u recon i done a bad edited paint job on it;)
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    forge divertor valve??

    ive been recomended the forge 007p divertor valve will it give the same sound affect as the original or will it be louder/different etc?
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    de-restricting airbox

    hey i was wonderin if its possible to derestrict the airbox on my a3? if yeh how would i do it step by step help would be ideal :D:D
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    tires!! help :D

    i have 16 inch wheel on my car at the moment the tires are currently goodyear eagle ncts (brilliant) but they have stopped making them :( the replacement is the goodyear excellence i was wonderin if any1 has fitted them to there car ?? how do they act do they wear easily etc other than that...
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    model 8L agu engine ?

    my a3 is the agu engine running 150 bhp as standerd wondering if you could tell me if i could fit the well renound k04 turbo to it or would i need new manifold etc planning on buyin a manifold just not sure what to get no point buyin one for the k03 if its different to the k04 that im plannin on...
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    a3 1.8T sleeper advice :D:D

    hey all new to this tuning and torgque cars alwayz loved playing about thoo :D im currently drivin a audi a3 turbo was wondering whats the best first few buys to get it goin :P i dont want anything that will make the car stand out overly as id like it as a sleeper project any hel and advice...