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    My BMW840ci. 1995

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    8 series owners say hello

    anyone out there with an 8 series BMW 4ltr V8, I was wanting to know if re-mapping on the rolling road would give me good results. heard you can gain an extra 20 BHP plus extra torque.
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    My New MotorbBMW 840I

    It potters around, when doing 50mph its only doing 2000rpm. get it on an open road and put your foot down and when it gets to 3000rpm,Then it just flies. had it up to 130mph with still plenty left. Love it.
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    8 series owners say hello

    No not many around in my area, Only had it 6week,s but not seen another one!!. Drove it back from London and again none on the road. However it certanly gets the attention. and drives like a dream.
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    My New MotorbBMW 840I

    Cheers for the comment. Its not too bad to say its a V8, ime getting 17.2 mpg on the computer and thats around town, fitted a replacement K&N Filter and Iridium Plugs so should help a bit. Also its been well serviced through its life. My Other motor is an Audi Quattro Sport 3ltr V6 and i dont...
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    My New MotorbBMW 840I

    just thought i would post a few pics of my new motor.
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    8 series owners say hello

    Hi There, Just bought myself an 840i BMW, always liked the look of these cars as they were way ahead of there time. Its a 1995 4. ltr V8 model and has done 118000 miles but still runs like a dream. has full service history and is in mint condition. However i still have my Audi 3ltr V6 Quattro...
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    Your first cars number plate

    Ican't remember my first, but second was LLO 2K on a FIRENZA IN 78
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    How much for your first car

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    Audi a4 3ltr quattro sport

    Here are some pictures of my motor, fitted with . Factory body kit. Factory lowered suspension. 18" r8 alloys with 245/45/18. Cobra stainless steel straight through back boxes. Full leather interior. Brembo brake covers. Re-mapped to 240bhp. Hope you like !
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    most beautiful car

    Have to agree with mwr the e-type jag, every time i watch the italian job (first one ) it makes me cringe!!!!!
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    Lottery Win! now what do you do?

    My project car would have to be an E TYPE series 1 to get really stuck into and spend most of my NOW hard life in my NEW GARAGE!. MY OTHER THREE WOULD BE. RANGE ROVER with Khan conversion to fetch the shopping in. NISSAN GTR for everyday use and the odd track day. FORD MUSTANG SHELBY 1967...
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    Audi A4 3.0l 2002

    Had a re map on mine gained an extra 20bhp (from 220 to 240 ) and gained more torque did notice a differece on the way home, worth the cost £250
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    When did you last wash your car

    Spend most saturday afternoons washing mine and cleaning alloys inside and out, also using quick spray on wax cuts down on time.neighbours think its all i do .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    When did you last valet your car

    Re: When did you last wash your car Spend most saturday afternoons washing mine and cleaning alloys inside and out, also using quick spray on wax cuts down on time.neighbours think its all i do .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Vinyl roofs and bonnets

    hope not , had enough of them in the 70s & 80s. i EVEN USED TO OWN A VIVA WITH ONE ON UGHHHHHH.
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    what the hell is this

    looks like a bug thats beeeeeen squashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Are exhaust tail pipes just for show

    got twin single straight through stainless steel on mine, but as well as for looks it does release that bit more power from the engine, go for round everytime!!!!
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    Preferred mesh grill colour

    go black for the mean look !
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    Tinting ?

    go for a 75% on front side windows and screen to stop been stoped by the boys in blue but back go limo.
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    AUDI A4 3ltr V6

    anyone tell me will i see much difference if i fit a free flow cone airfilter and is it best to cold feed it from outside, also what about extra intake noise. cheers
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    To all you car freaks like me HI !

    yeah ive had it re-mapped to 240bhp, fitted r8 alloys 18", straight through s/s back boxs also it has the factory sport bodykit, will put some photos on when possible!
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    Hi there, i used to run one of those some years back really quick little motor, enjoy.
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    To all you car freaks like me HI !

    Looking forward to giving any info if i can or gettting some back , cheers.