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  1. clio197MJB

    Your bhp

    everyone reply with what they know to be an accurate BHP figure for the car they drive! ill start.........RenaultSport Clio 197 2.0........205BHP. feel free to post yours.
  2. clio197MJB

    just a quick question

    can an intercooler be fitted onto a N/A engine? or more to the point, would it increae the power as a result of cooling the intake air making it more oxygen-rich?? thanks in advance guys
  3. clio197MJB

    nitrous oxide on a clio 197

    I have recently purchased a street blaster 150i from the WON! what other mods do you reckon I would need to make before I fit the kit?? I would reckon brakes, clutch?? But then again if I get a progressive controller surely the amount of clutch-slip will be very minimal. what do you guys...
  4. clio197MJB

    car finance

    a quick question for you guys........ my mate pays £287.00 a month for his car on finance, hes decided that the car does not suite his needs anymore, can he take it back to the dealers and swap it for a bigger car for the same money per month?? he still owes something like £14,000 on this...
  5. clio197MJB

    How Much to fit a GT28 to a clio 197

    if i bought that, what would you reckon it would cost me to have it fitted onto my clio 197 (N/A). so all i would have is the turbo, then everything else they would have to supply, expensive??
  6. clio197MJB


    ive been looking on the internet at companies that flock car interiors, however none state a price, id want to do the whole dash, does anybody have a rough idea on price and lengh of time it would take to do?
  7. clio197MJB

    Clio rear strut brace - where does it go

    im wanting to fit one of these ^ rear strut braces onto my 197....going to sound like a real novice hear but will this be fitted in the boot space or underneath the car.......and how?? what tools will i need? thanks C
  8. clio197MJB

    Calliper paint removal

    i painted my brake callipers blue using proper 2 part calliper paint. im getting a little bit bored with them now as i painted them the same colour as the car, i was thinking of going with a colour a little bit more vivid. the car is RS Blue, what colour do you think would look really...
  9. clio197MJB

    Cost of adding a supercharger

    Just wanted your thoughts on this one guys. I'm wanting to make a marked difference to the performance of my 197, this would be ideal for me personally any rough guesstimates on how much it would cost? ive been quoted £1,330 inc Vat for a NO2 4cyl system, would i be better going for that...
  10. clio197MJB

    to supercharge or to turbocharge...........that is the question

    would really like your thoughts on the pros and cons of each guys............................
  11. clio197MJB

    clio 197...........

    can any1 help me with this wanting to get my 197 to sound more racey. agen ive had a look underneath and the back box is huge (one of those flat but really big surface area) and two tailpipes out of it..........if i were to remove this from the the mid box back could i get...
  12. clio197MJB

    remote turbos

    been thinking recently about gettin a remote turbo (or 2) fitted to exhaust system on mi 197, are they worth it? what would thery cost? what would my power gains be like???
  13. clio197MJB

    Clio 197 removing the airbox.......

    i have recently bought a K&N Apollo induction kit, when ive opened the bonnet i realised that in order to fit it i would have to remover the old air box and filter (obviously), as there is no space to run a hose alongside....... ive removed the filter from the box and disconnected the air...