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    Toyota engine advise

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Toyota 4runner but am wondering about the engine. It has a 3 litre turbo diesel but it has a lot of milage on it (290.000 km / ca 180.000 miles). Does anyone know how these engines do after this much use and how likely it would be for me to have to replace the...
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    Looking for a new offroader

    Hi there, back again after a long time off the forums. I'm currently looking at a renewal of my car and am trying to decide between a few models. One is an MMC L200 turbo diesel, Nissan double cab, 2,5 tdi and then a Nissan Terrano II 2,5 tdi. I was wondering if anyone had any experience...
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    "green" car for the drag strip

    Hi there I've been working on a design for a while now and thought I would try to get some ideas and opinions. The plan is to get a small, light car and strip it down to loose weight. Take out the engine and replace with high powered and high torque electrical motors, perhaps even one for...
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    Driving hints

    A few days ago, a good friend of mine had a bad car accident where the car started going sideways on the road after he had lost one wheel out of the paved part of the road, resulting in the car flying off the road and jumping on it's front and back bumpers for a long distance. This got me...
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    Thaugts on the S-10 single cab

    So I'm now looking at a 2002 Chevrolet S-10 single cab pickup. It is the 4.3L manual rwd model and lookes great and a lot of stuff you can do to it to make it a show car or a drag car. Has any of you had any experience with the motors of these or similar cars and what do you think of these cars...
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    could this be something?

    I've been noticing that it takes my car a little bit longer to start than I think it should. It is especially bad on cold mornings. To begin with I thought it was just the cold but it seems as it's getting worse but then again it has been very cold the last few days. The car is a 2003 model and...
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    Mods for a Lada Niva

    At the moment I'm looking at a 2002 Lada Niva. I Posted this thread to get some new ideas and some advice if I end up buying it. The things I will do if I buy it are: Sound System 31-33" tires Bucket seats Interior overhaul New Paint Engine Swap Tinted...
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    My current ride

    So here are some pic's I took when I went out for a drive earlier this evenig. This isn't my car so I won't be doing any work on it allthough I would like to. This isn't the greatest car for tuning but it's reliable and gets me from A to B so it will do untill I can afford something more fun and...
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    A new car?

    So I have been looking through ads for used cars but I'm not shure what to get. There are a few things that need to be in the car. It has to have manual transmission. I allso need a big boot since I am a musician and need to be able to take at least a part of my gear with me each time I go to...
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    What are these called?

    I've been trying to remember the name of these for 2 or 3 weeks now so I'll just ask you... What is the english name for the cars that most drag racers have? In Icelandic we call them "Slikkar" but I just can't remember the English one:sad2:
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    Peel P50

    So I just watched the Top Gear show where they have the Peel P-50. I would like to have this car just to have some fun with it. I would take it to the shows and cruises. So what do you think about these cars?
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    Still looking for a car

    So I'm still looking for my first car and have lately been thinking about this 1993 Opel Senitor. Comes with a 2.6 liter 270 hp engine and rwd. So I was thinking that if I buy it about throwing in a turbo, sports exhaust and an air induction cit, computer chip and even an in car computer that I...
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    what do you consider a proper jeep?

    What do you british members and from other nationalities a proper jeep is? Put in what you think and I will put my standards up soon when I have seen what at least a few of you think:)
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    Customisation shop

    Me and a few of my friends have been thinking about opening a tuning shop, wich would than be the first and only tuning shop in Iceland that does more than raising jeeps up to higher tire sizes. We were thinking about starting small, like buying one car, do that and use that as an advertisement...
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    Tuning a Lada

    So here's the deal... My uncle is now tuning a Lada 1200 wich I will probably buy from him in the spring. He will have put a 2 litre FIAT engine in the car along with a turbo, clutch(don't remember how you write that :? ), a air filter, blow off vent and probably something more things I don't...
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    The first race track in Iceland :D

    They are now as we speak building the first stage of Iceland's first race track. The track or project name is Iceland Motopark and will have go-cart track, an offroad section for the jeeps I've talked about before,a 1/4 mile strip and a Category ‘2’ FIA Racing Circuit. There will be a town by...
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    Decal painting

    I've been trying to draw out wich appearence looks I'm going to do first when I get a car. I have'nt got one yet but I'm hoping to buy one wery soon. Now, down to the point of this thread. I am planing to spray a picture on the hood of the car. I'm going to buy this small airbrushing tool...
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    Portable Hard Drive

    Me and my uncle have been thinking much about what to do with his Toyota Corolla SLi Special Series. We have been thinking about putting a Unicron Portable hard drive with a small screen to store music on and put it in the center console and connect it to the cars speeker sistem. Whe have even...
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    Got an offer for a first car

    My uncle just offered to sell me a car, a Lada 1200 wich will have a 1800 motor and a turbo, black with flame-job, more later
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    What does ICE stand for? :S

    I'm sorry for this probably veary dumb cuestion but what is ICE??? :oops: In Iceland ICE stands for In Case of Emergency but what does it stand for in the car world?
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    The Icelandic Jeep

    Here do you see how Top Gear tests the Icelandic Jeeps. You should see everything you need in this video how we like our Jeeps to be like :D
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    How about the Icelandic jeeps?

    Has anyone ever thought about the Icelandic jeeps and how do you like them. Many of them have around a 1000 hp. nitrous injected engines and thay drive so fast that they can drive on water as Top Gear fans here might have seen on one of theyr shows. I can't put a picture of one of them but if...
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    Car design software?

    Is there any software that I can download from the web wich I can put pictures into and then work with them and see what I could do before I do it to my car?
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    New and wondering if there were any icelanders here

    Hi I am new on this site and havent found any Icelanders yet. So I was wondering if there were any here?