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    Is it always you who drives

    plus, in the home town there are 3 pubs and I live right in the area they are all in so it doesn't matter which one is chosen, it takes me less than 3 minutes to get there
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    Is it always you who drives

    It depends, I live in a small town so if we're there everything is within a walking distance. If we go to the next big town we most often get a lift with someone who's already going there, or if that is not an option we take turns driving. If in the capital it's almost always a taxi
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    abandoned vehicle owes rent??Legal

    He probably would need a court order to impound and sell the van if there is no written contract that states that he can do that in case of the scenario where the owner doesn't pay. If he doesn't have a bulletproof right to do so he may be facing some serious legal percussions if he does impound...
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    Which of the following cars can you tick off your bucket list

    Not to make fun of the situation but I just get funny scenes in my head when I hear that kind of descriptions...
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    Which of the following cars can you tick off your bucket list

    It was a passenger hauling speedboat used for turism purposes. A really good boat. According to the news it might have been of use to you over there :toung:
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    A tiny (398kg) car that'll leave a 600 super bike behind...

    That is an interesting project. I've been working on schematics myself for a lightweight high output car for the dragstrip and this is giving me some good ideas. Looking forward to seeing this project evolve
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    Which of the following cars can you tick off your bucket list

    RWD muscle car 400bhp+ nope AWD or 4WD car with 300 bhp+ Driven a dodge durango with a Hemi that was 370 hp. Pretty fun but a lot of body roll Rotary engined car Mazda RX7, pretty fun, tuned for the dragstrip Diesel powered car A few of those, mostly on 38-54" wheels FWD 200bhp+ nope...
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    abandoned vehicle owes rent??Legal

    There is some chance that your friend could take the van to cover the debt. This though would require a lawyer and probably some documents from the courts I imagine. At least that is how it works here (finishing my law degree myself in just over a year) and I'd imagine that there was some...
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    Looking for a new offroader

    Went to look at the 4Runner today and all seemed good engine and drivetrain wise. Driveshafts newly replaced and gearbox serviced and rebuilt less than 10.000 km ago. Engine had a good maintenance history but the tires were pretty much done and on a modified car like that one new tires would...
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    Toyota engine advise

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Toyota 4runner but am wondering about the engine. It has a 3 litre turbo diesel but it has a lot of milage on it (290.000 km / ca 180.000 miles). Does anyone know how these engines do after this much use and how likely it would be for me to have to replace the...
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    Looking for a new offroader

    Thanks T9, Right now I'm leaning towards a Toyota 4Runner 3 litre diesel. Only thing is that it does have a lot of milage on it (290.000 km / 180.000 miles). Does anyone have any experience with how these engines handle this kind of milage. I know it is a toyota and will probably outlive us all...
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    Do you get your 4x4 dirty?

    I don't have a 4x4 at the moment but working on rectifying the problem. I am however a part of a few communities where the off road car is used a lot. Including the Search and rescue, those cars do get dirty but are always cleaned as soon as we get back. I also go off roading with my friends...
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    Looking for a new offroader

    Hi there, back again after a long time off the forums. I'm currently looking at a renewal of my car and am trying to decide between a few models. One is an MMC L200 turbo diesel, Nissan double cab, 2,5 tdi and then a Nissan Terrano II 2,5 tdi. I was wondering if anyone had any experience...
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    Oil changes

    Yes I have, it's about every 3000 miles. More used to converting the other way around so I made a mistake there...
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    Oil changes

    They say about once a year for me so I've followed that. I don't drive much since I live close to everything I need so it's about every 4-5000 km or 6-7000 miles
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    Getz fuel consumption

    Geo, it's no problem getting it under 7L/100km on the highway, just checked it in my car and the computer says 8.7 and that is all in town and snow for the last few days. It can easily get down to 5-6 on highways
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    RWD vs FWD In the Snow

    Speaking from a lot of experience driving in the snow and ice, DO NOT BRAKE while cornering. It may shift the mass forward but the tires won't grip as they do on dry roads. In my experience it only makes the car slide straight forward even if you have started turning. Best technique is slow...
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    Getz fuel consumption

    I've got the same one and the consumptions vary. It's usually around 7-8 l/100 km in mixed driving but after I moved to the city it gets to be around 10 in the wintertime. No mods at all and regular oil changes. Driving on the highway is usually better, can get it down to 4.5-5 but when driving...
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    Are you feeling smug

    In ice and snow you don't need a big 4x4 on most roads if you know how to drive in it. Have driven my FWD Getz through some really bad conditions without getting stuck. That being said, it is of course a lot better to have a big 4x4 if you are going off the main roads and it can, in some...
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    My Hilux 4x4

    Looks nice, allthough I might want to add bigger tyres but that might just be my Icelandic instinct...:lol:
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    Any car any colour any location

    It would have to be either a nice dodge challenger in the US or an Ariel Atom 500 V8 on the highways of Germany
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    Driving more or less

    Driving more since I just moved from my small town up north to the capital where I have to use my car to go to school. Would love to stop using the car since petrol prices just keep rising and the government don't do anything about it although they are part of the reason the price is the way it...
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    Car owners bewildered by Garages

    I usually do not need to go to the garages as I know quite a few mechanics myself but never have any trouble understanding since I've been playing around cars for as long as I can remember
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    My current ride

    Well, the car is now mine, it was transferred to my name a few months ago so it's just a matter of time before I start playing around with it. But jcobain do the 17' fit? I would think it was a bit to big for this car... If I remember correctly the stock for this car is 13 or 14'
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    Driving in different shoes

    most often drive in sneakers or suit shoes. The sneakers work better but I have often needed to drive in hiking shoes which can be nice when driveing the SAR Land Rovers but can be a bit harder to use on the Getz, hence the light pedals
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    Speed cameras

    They are also putting up more and more speed cameras here. But because of the law of protection of the personal rights they can't take your picture without letting you know first so there is a warning sign telling you of the camera a few hundred meters before you drive past it. Still people get...
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    "green" car for the drag strip

    Could be hard for me to get a grant for it as a college project since I am studying english now and will be moving to law or sound technology in fall. Might maby be able to get some grants from companies working on eco-technology so that they could use it as a advertisment for theyr companies or...
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    "green" car for the drag strip

    thanks for the comments, this is still in early stages on the drawing board and unfortunatly won't happen just yet but hopefully I can start this within 12 months. I am a student so this could take long to fund and build but the plan is to have it test run ready in 2 years
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    "green" car for the drag strip

    Hi there I've been working on a design for a while now and thought I would try to get some ideas and opinions. The plan is to get a small, light car and strip it down to loose weight. Take out the engine and replace with high powered and high torque electrical motors, perhaps even one for...
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    Fun Cars that sip fuel.

    I think I will have to have a problem with that statement. My experience with BMW is that they brake down constantly. Personally I have never owned one but my friends who have all had some mechanical problems with them. My Getz 1.6 works wery well when in the hands of the right driver. Fairly...
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    When did you last wash your car

    Washed it last thursday, the day after my mothers sister borrowed it and went up to our summerhouse in the country, now it's filthy. Last weeks clean was thorough but didn't have the time to wax it at the time so now it's tomorrows project after work to clean (again) and wax the car
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    When did you last valet your car

    Re: When did you last wash your car Washed it last thursday, the day after my mothers sister borrowed it and went up to our summerhouse in the country, now it's filthy. Last weeks clean was thorough but didn't have the time to wax it at the time so now it's tomorrows project after work to clean...
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    ASC audios Mazda RX7

    Looking real good there. Love these cars and I am actually looking around for one here in Iceland but not many of them are here. Have heard about 3 and none of them are driveable but I know that the owner of one of them is rebuilding his
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    Beware of the Volcanic ash

    The key is to have a good wax on and then just rinse the ash off, do not use spunge or anything that makes contact to your car or it will ruin your paint. After the ash has been clensed off then you can use the sponge.
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    Boy Racers

    That is the area around my town and it can look great in good weather but they can also be dangerous to be on during winter because of the danger of avelances. And notice that the accident was not a head on collission but a roll. His car jumped on it's trunk and bonnet for about 50 meters I...
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    Boy Racers

    yeah well he got out incredibly well. But if anyone would have been sitting in the back he probably would have been a lot worse since the back seat got loose and was thrown around the car. Also the passenger airbag didn't deploy so I would have been in a bad situation
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    Boy Racers

    One of my best friends is exactly that. A boy racer on a no good car and constantly trying to get a race out of the scoobies and every powerful car on the road. The way he drives almost got him killed last summer and well there was just one call that stopped me from getting in the car with...
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    Car shampoos and wax shampoos

    Shampoo first and then wax it with a proper wax.
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    What do you like the least about your car?

    The boot is way to small. I'm a musician and run a sound system rental and sometimes I have to take a system to a bar or a wedding and that means that I have to lay all seats down and be the only one in the car with almost no space for me. Plus I am a few cm short of 2 meters and when I get in...