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    45/ZS td ixl ?

    is there such a thing as an MG ZS dti, mines a 2000, 2ltr L, 17" mg spokes, 40 profile tyres, all the right badges 'n' stuff but its got lots of chrome on it ?, is it a fake,,cos if it is then someones spent a few quid on suspention , wheels, badges & it goes quick when the turbo kicks in at...
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    window problem

    Minus 5c last night ,, ok not too bad but after scraping the windows i dropped the pas: window only to see the glass stay in place,,panel off, its come un-glued from the bottom retainer runner, what thick black glue do i use to stick it back together guys..????:(
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    45/ZS td ixl

    :confused: does anyone run a diesel zs or 45, ive got a W 2000, 2ltr turbo ZS, but i didnt think they built them that early, still, it goes like stink when the turbo kicks in AND ive just done a £20 test, combined mpg, & got 59.1 !!!:confused::confused:
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    Secondary turbo ???

    Hi folks, ive got a dilema, i want to get my MG zs dti upto 60 mpg, (ave), at present im on 54 mpg, obviously im going for economy, mind you, it does kick when the turbo cuts in at 2k rpm, so i need to find anyone who fitted a secondary turbo to the exaust system, . The dilema im facing is that...
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    Old newbee ???

    Hi yall, had to change e mail so had to go through hell with google, but all sorted now used to be ade300,, ex head valet Marranelo Consesionares in Thorpe uk, so if youve got any car cleaning probs then drop me a line & i'll try to point u in the right direction,,,,usually to the nearest...
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    MGzs dti

    im looking for a workshop manual for my MG/ROVER deisel turbo. yr 2000, can anyone in the UK help, thanks peeps.. TTFN.:bigsmile::blink1::(:sad2:
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    £138.9p WOW !

    price of derv has gone down in Maidenhead to 138.9 a ltr, but dont start cheering just yet..HM gov are bound to put it up in a week or two,, must go and fill the beast while ive still got some money !!!
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    Hi folks, just joined today, car, now thats a dilema, i think its a W reg MG zs tdi, but the bill of sale for the new car states rover 45 ? oh well, im very pleased with it as it does 54 ave mpg, and yes i do use the loud pedal ! Got a rumble/slight knock on breaking but other than that im...
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    Magnet on fuel line

    Ive just attached a small but strong magnet to the "in" fuel line to the injector pump & i DOES make a diffarence, more power low down. Thats on a W reg ZS with 106k on the clock ( genuine). Any one else tried it yet ??
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    Hi ZS people

    just got a british racing green 2000 ZS TD ixl, wicked little car but getting slight bumps & whiring noise,- from i think the drive shafts,- any one got or had the same, & where do i get the parts for my little green beast.:D