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    Fitting wider tyres with the same AR

    Some of you may be unaware that fitting wider tyres to the same diameter wheels will cause your speedo to read a lower MPH / KPH due to the rolling diameter being increased ??? The AR (aspect ratio) is a percentage of the tread width so the sidewalls of a wider tyre will be higher than that...

    TCJB's busy month of motorsport

    Home from the annual Pittsworth Street Sprints last weekend where the event is run on app 1,5 klm's of closed roads in the towns industrial estate. It is held over 2 days and is run clockwise on Saturday and anti clockwise Sunday and came in 2nd place but was unable to get close to the class...

    What has JCJB been doing lately ?

    Well the Covid virus had thrown a spanner into the years motorsport so took the opportunity to sell my car trailer that had served me well for many years as I have had to carry 4 inch blocks and 2 additional 4 foot planks to extend the loading ramps to be able to drive my old and new car onto...

    What are your thoughts ?

    How many times has a young driver who has just passed the test in say a Nissan Micra / Mazda 2 and their doting parents reward them with a high powered car only to see them crash with tragic results? I have often thought that all newly licenced people should be restricted as to what they can...

    Covid 19 woes

    Well another lockdown and ban on regional travel has caused one of the best motorsport street sprints that has in past years attracted 220 entrants and thousands of spectators over the 2 days has now been rescheduled a month later and provided that that event goes ahead the final event closed...

    Correct way to hold the steering wheel

    In my travels I notice all kinds of hand positions and very few in the best possible position to react to any situation that requires a change of lane or direction. I often wonder if those who hold the wheel with their hand on the opposite side and the other on the PB /HB or shifter have some...

    APRacing brakes

    Am trying to find out if they previously had a factory or were made under license offshore in Asia ,China Taiwan . Any help with accurate info appreciated. I have been told that there are many non genuine copies on sale.

    TCJB's 2nd track day in 2021

    With all the pandemic restrictions etc am looking forward to my next track day for the year to see if my lighter front wheels combined with the 50kg weight loss gained by the removal of the spare wheel and rear seats along with the drivers plus an extra 7 kg weight loss resulting from the...

    The Gold Rush Hill Sprint 2021 in Queensland Australia

    As some may know I have been selected as one of the 150 starters from an overflowing EOI response and thought that you would like to see the 3klm section of public road that will be closed during the 2 day event. As previously mentioned it will take me app 8-9 hours there and back towing my red...

    TCJB's latest track day

    My son helped me remove the rear seats from my Type R and I have weighed the seats and space saver spare wheel and they add up to 50 kg's so I found out that that made the rear end a bit squirrelly on the first hot lap @ my local track when turning into T1 @ app 125kph but the rear behaved...

    Are wider tyres better ?

    Thought that I should share this video.

    Difference between a circuit racer and rally driver

    It was said way back before any pre event reconnaissance was done like the current rally drivers do today that a racing driver drove around a corner a 1000 times whereas a rally driver drove around a 1000 corners only once.

    What's on TCJB's 2021 bucket list

    There is an event called "Speed on Tweed" that is being resurrected after 10 or so years and it is held in a New South Wales town called Murwillumbah on the banks of the Tweed River. As it runs thru the town streets that have to be closed so all of the authorities have to agree plus any...

    Books to read

    I have a couple of books that I have read many times to hopefully absorbed some if the information contained in them to help become a better and more informed and competent driver. 1 Drive Ability by Russel White who was Frank Gardiners chief instructor at his BMW purpose built facility @...

    Basic vehicle maintenance

    Modern vehicles in the main are extremely reliable with the factory service periods way different from when I started driving with some as long as 6 months or more and up to 20000 KLM's between services. NOTE Time frame service schedules must be carried out regardless of lesser distances...

    Great tips for home mechanics

    I found this series of videos that contain very valuable tips and info on how to do and fix different mechanical problems that will be helpful to those like me and others who like to work on our cars just because we love tinkering or due to the costs of having the work done in a workshop.

    Excellent article about suspension settings

    Thought that it would help inexperienced people understand things a little better.

    TCJB'S quest for faster lap times in 2021

    I have taken a leaf out of Colin Chapmans way of doing things (for more speed increase lightness) and reduced the weight of my Type R by 50kg's by removing the spare wheel,tool kit and rear seats and that has made the car very noticeably louder . I weighed all the bits on a digital platform...

    Dangerous passenger behavior

    I quite often see passengers with feet on the dash and they appear oblivious to how dangerous it will be when the airbag deploys @ app 220kph and slams their feet into the roof. :eek: The latest one was seen in a hi end MB on my way to Bunnings today .V( Can't understand any driver allowing...

    All you need to know about electronic TB's

    Seeing my Civic Type R has an electronic drive by wire throttle body I was interested in finding out more about them and this guy explains exactly the pros and cons in an easy to understand way. He has many more tech videos that I have seen and he really knows his stuff...

    Seasons Greetings

    Wow even with all of the drama associated with the effect that Covid 19 has worldwide the year has still flown by and there is hope on the horizon with the first release of a vaccine that will hopefully help eradicate or contain the virus. So here's hoping that everyone is safe and healthy and...

    Personality test results

    For fun I filled in the test data using my old very highly modified turbo cars info and then with my current NA car that has a BBK kit and suspension mods and have gone from a track day enthusiast to a "slippers and cap wearing stout drinking non driver who has never been to a track day person"...

    TCJB's last track day for 2020

    It was at my local track and it was a 36 deg day and as usual the FN2 Typr R Honda was faultless .The The group that I was in had a current Maserati , M3 & Golf R the drivers were first timers and early on the golf was only hundredths faster but in the final session 2 seconds quicker. Was later...

    E85 fuel pros & cons

    Seeing there was a query about this fuel from a new member this link outlines what needs considering before you decide to convert your car over to this environmentally friendly fuel that can produce more power that requires app 1/3rd more fuel to produce a higher power reading

    Everything you need to know about oil video

    I highly recommend this video to those who are a little confused about what grade to use in their vehicle.

    Spotted Shovelnose Carona Coupe

    Can remember having a test drive of the 4 door when new and a red GT Coupe drove past our house today and thought they were quite rare.

    TCJB's next track day in 2020

    It's the final of the Time Attack series @ my local track and am looking forward to finding out exactly how my FORZA FP3 front pads hold up to the 5 hot lap sessions . Am going to do a bit of LFB on the slower corners to see if that helps the turn in and exit speeds as have been training my...

    Females and seat belts warning

    Over my 6 years as a defensive driving instructor on numerous occasions I had to advise them that they should not 1 Pull or hold the sash away from their breasts 2 place the sash behind them 3 Place the sash under their arm 4 place the sash to one side of their breasts All of the above will...

    When was your last wheel alignment done ?

    These days with long time or mileage between services IMO it is important to inspect the tyres at least monthly to check for any sidewall damage along with the tyre pressures as well as unusual wear patterns like feathering on edges or wearing more on one side that indicates that something is...

    Do you still need to bed in new pads ?

    I have seen some brake pads advertised saying "no bedding in needed" or words to that effect but have just returned from bedding in my new FORZA FP3 pads and it took at least 10 stops from app 70 kph to 20 kph before they stopped pulling to one side slightly until the whole of pad faces were...

    Are you a motorist or driver?

    IMO it is easy to pick the difference between them. For starters it is all in the way one addresses the wheel and their posture behind it . A "motorist" will be either too close or far away with the seat back lowered so that one will submarine under the belt in a crash or with one or both...

    Reminder to those intending to modify their car

    The subject about modifying or altering anything a standard vehicle and insurance cover has been covered in the past but in case new and newish members have not searched so I thought it timely to revive the subject of comprehensive insurance or accident cover. IF you are already insured and...

    Are you up to date with the road rules?

    It would seem to me that most of my fellow motorists have forgotten them OR think that the rules only apply to everyone else going by what I encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately the authorities don't advise us of any changes or updates re the rules and I regularly check the rules and do the...

    Special licence for supercars?

    I have long thought that there should be some sort of additional training or testing for anyone who wishes to buy a very high powered vehicle for the following reasons. Quite often we see wealthy doting parents with children that have learned to drive in say a Toyota Carolla and then given a...

    Left foot braking

    As some may know a year or so ago I sold my 400HP RWD 1985 JB Starion that I had been using as my weekend track car for many years on dirt autocross events till app 10 years ago when I changed over to tarmac only events and sold it just over a year ago and used the proceeds to help purchase a...

    Can someone explain why ?

    Hopefully there is someone who can tell me why so many motorists when in the left lane on a highway or city road with nothing but daylight in front suddenly and inexplicably change lanes into the right one when if on the highway all the exits are left turns ?. I use the left lanes probably 90%...

    Brake pad selection

    Well I have worn a new set of front pads down to app 3-4 mm thickness over 2 track day events that involved 6 warm up 30 hot and 6 cool down laps @ my local track and if they were used for another track day I fear that the pads would be word down to the backing plate and damage the rotors I...

    When will our leaders wake up ?

    It has been said that "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity" So they keep increasing the penalties and that has not worked as that is like digging a hole in the wrong place and then digging it deeper .V( IMO there seems to be no...

    TCJB's Time Attack track day 13/8/2020

    It was at my local track which is a power rather than handling track and was setting tyre pressures lower as I managed to track down the Nankang AR1 tec advise from the UK . Set them 26 F 28 R cold and they came up to 35 F 33 R hot and that was at the higher end of the recommended range so...

    Old drivers good or bad or dangerous?

    Every-time an "old" driver is involved in a crash like hitting the wrong pedal in an automatic there is a cry for us to have our right to drive taken away once we become considered as being "old" I firmly am of the opinion that "old" is more a state of mind rather than body. I encounter slow...