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    Brake Problems

    Does it squeak when you apply the brake when the car is not moving ? If it only happens when moving have you checked the pads for wear ? Some pads come with a little metal tag that will come in contact with the disc when the pads are worn down to app 2-3 mm of pad friction material remaining...

    Brake Problems

    Hello and welcome :) For starters I would lubricate the pivot point of the pedal to eliminate that being the source of the annoying noise.

    206 GTI track car project

    A quick / short shifter is one that reduces the distance in the gate when changing gears. They basically have a longer distance between the fulcrum or pivot point of the gearstick and the end that connects to the internal box mechanism.

    Just saying hello.

    Hello and welcome Phil |B Was working at Eastern Creek as it was known way back then for a Continental Tyre launch and had a good chat with Allan Moffat who was there to take the dealers for hot laps in the glorious sounding RS4..

    Supercharging 1300 Fiat motor?

    Hello and welcome to a fellow Aussie and lockdown prisoner :) What year is your 128 as I recall then as a hi revving NA FWD and what is the CR. ? I would do some research as to weather the internals are strong enough to take the increased internal pressures that adding boost will produce.

    206 GTI track car project

    Yes especially on a FWD car :) Some of the uninformed younger set are all about "stance" and like their cars to be as low as possible (slammed) and that can be a step backwards when it comes to the best suspension set up as it will alter the roll centres which can lead to "bump steer" where...

    206 GTI track car project

    Andy remember not to lower the rear end to make it sit level as a FWD car needs some rake with the rear being higher than the front to help the car rotate. FYI for those that don't know the higher rear end makes for less grip in the rear by putting more weight on the front which in turn adds...

    Hi All!

    Hello and welcome|B The Datsun's are now a sort after classic car and I see yours has already had an engine upgrade so then exactly what will you be doing with it as that info will help finding the answers you seek with your project Zed car.

    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    All my experience is with petrol turbos and you are wanting to increase power in a GDI which to me seems to be diesel powered so there will be no need for "colder plugs" and possibly "lower compression" as a diesel is a compression ignition motor.

    SmartFortwo engine swap.

    Hello and welcome |B It sounds like an interesting project you have but sadly I am unable to help but will be following your build with interest. Hopefully someone on TC may be able to point you in the right direction.

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome Pete |B I can recall competing in a championship rally in the 70's around the Kenilworth forests in Queensland Australia in my Datsun P510 or 1600 as we called them over here.

    My Mum passed away over the weekend.

    Please accept our sincere condolences on your mums passing as we both have gone thru similar circumstances with both or our immediate family members quite some time ago but they are still fondly remembered as I'm sure it will be the same for you once the initial pain of the loss fades.

    Cutting out/ not starting

    The following experience I had with my track car will most likely not help solve your particular problem but strange things happen and they can be difficult to find. I can recall when my old car suddenly lost power shortly before the finish line and it rolled past it and a bit further and I...


    My previous diesel 4x4 had the rear muffler removed and it didn't sound any louder to me as the turbo and DPF all help lower the sound level .

    206 GTI track car project

    Looks great and good to see you wanting to get your speed fix on a track and hopefully you will not only enjoy yourself but also raise your skill level .|B Please keep us all informed of your progress ,trials and tribulations as you go.

    Conversion from manual to automatic

    Good valid reasons and that is why I drive an auto 4WD as my daily car but have a 6 speed manual Honda that I track and use for shortish drives in between events for pure enjoyment.

    Conversion from manual to automatic

    Is there any particular reason you want to fit an auto ? Is it due to whoever is going to use it can't drive a manual shift?

    Modifying cars could become more difficult

    Better late than never BUT there are the smarties out there who will for instance throw on a set of factory wheels and refit the cat to pass the MOT and refit them again after getting a clean bill of health.

    Conversion from manual to automatic

    Then can you source a complete engine fitted with auto trans from a wrecker to install ?

    Conversion from manual to automatic

    IMO the best thing I would say is to trade it in on a car that has an auto transmission to save all the hassles involved.

    Car Insurance for modified cars - tips and a guide

    My advise when it comes to insurance is to not only ask BUT TO GET IT IN WRITING and keep in in a file as people can have selective memory loss or change jobs and you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to lodging a claim

    Fitting wider tyres with the same AR

    Some of you may be unaware that fitting wider tyres to the same diameter wheels will cause your speedo to read a lower MPH / KPH due to the rolling diameter being increased ??? The AR (aspect ratio) is a percentage of the tread width so the sidewalls of a wider tyre will be higher than that...

    Turbo timer

    Obi Waynne has the correct method by driving the last mile or a bit less like Miss Daisy as that allows the turbo that was previously spinning @ say well over 100.000 + revs to slow down quite a bit before turning off the ignition and stopping the oil and water flowing thru the turbo galleries...

    Why does she wobble?

    Well the first thing I would recommend you do is to have all the suspension joints and cross member mounting points to the body checked by a competent workshop, then IF that checks out fine then have the alignment settings checked and reset if needed followed by having all wheels balanced. It...

    What are your thoughts ?

    IMO the old saying "use it or lose it " also applies to driving as in my experience it seems that so many people as they age tend to drive less and less especially in peak hours as well as on highways and eventually become nervous and over cautious and take longer to get up to speed , fail to...

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Steve it's only money so do you want to end up the richest person in a cemetery ? :eek: PS have you thought about drilling out the centres of various bolts in your quest for weight reduction?

    Mazda 323 1984 lowering

    Hi and welcome Miro :D If you can't locate an off the shelf set of coilovers for your 323 then there are threaded sleeves that can be used to convert the struts over to make them height adjustable ' I am unsure if your rears are struts but if not then the existing coil springs can be reset...

    1969 Mini Cooper Engine Swap

    There is a kit available for a Honda K series swap that will make it have a power to weight ratio equalling the straight 6 GTR's. Here you go There are a number of videos covering the whole process and this is just one to get you started.

    TCJB's busy month of motorsport

    Was 8/10ths off the class leader in 4th place on Saturday but dropped back to 5th in the 10 car field at the end of Sunday's runs and as expected the Honda was faultless but the driver not so with a couple of fluffed gear changes but really enjoyed the whole event as it was as usual well...

    What has JCJB been doing lately ?

    Just home from another event 2.5 hours away over a highway and some poorly maintained country back roads that are bumpy due to them being on black soil plains and heavy truck traffic but the loaded trailer with the roller rocker load sharing suspension handled it perfectly with none of the tail...

    Carbon cleaning with gas.?.

    Hello and welcome |B I haven't heard about that at all as the manifolds and ports of DI engines are cleaned by blasting with some kind of nut shells with the piston at TDC to stop debris getting into the cylinders.

    What has JCJB been doing lately ?

    Trailer tows perfectly and unloading easier and no danger of leaving anything behind as the fold out ramps are fixed to the trailer and no need for the blocks and extra planks that were needed with the old trailer. |B

    TCJB's busy month of motorsport

    Home from the annual Pittsworth Street Sprints last weekend where the event is run on app 1,5 klm's of closed roads in the towns industrial estate. It is held over 2 days and is run clockwise on Saturday and anti clockwise Sunday and came in 2nd place but was unable to get close to the class...

    What has JCJB been doing lately ?

    Trailer looking good in nice hammertone grey paint with the Honda all loaded on it ready for it's maiden trip today to the Pittsworth Street sprints which is an app 2 hour trip so will let you know about both after I return late Sunday.

    Lightweight vs. Grip - Which is Most Important?

    Just remember that torque sensing diffs need both tyres on the ground to work as designed otherwise they act like an open diff.

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Have you seen the build of the Europa on TV show Overhaulin ?? well worth a look as lots of bespoke fab work done. |B

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    = Worlds Fastest Elan :D

    What has JCJB been doing lately ?

    Picking it up today after having a test fit yesterday before the trailer is being painted and I will need to get it registered and then screw the rego plates on so I can tow it home and load the Honda onto it so the front wheel chocks / stops can be fitted as it is good to just drive onto...

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Great to hear that you are getting your mojo back and my wife and #2 son love things like "The walking dead "so I may be converted over to the dark side and finally watch a Zombie film when you let me know the title as am interested in seeing the WFE on the big screen.

    Cars to keep clear of

    Glad that works for you BUT over here in Oz I can park well away from everybody else with 50 + empty spots all around me and sure enough there will be some Muppet parked right next to my car when I return. .V(