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  1. Yugguy

    Rover 600 618I L

    It's a Honda engine so try searching that up too.
  2. Yugguy

    Zafira Cruise Control

    Might be something to do with abs speed sensors?
  3. Yugguy

    Long time no see.

    Howdo all. Haven't posted here for ages. How is everyone? It's all change in the cars in our house. Last August we traded in my wife's Yaris as it was going to cost over a grand for a full aircon refit. Through our nephew we get privilege discount on Ford and got a cracking deal on a Fiesta...
  4. Yugguy

    Are you going to drive your car till it dies

    Probably keep mine a few years. Then I might lease for the warranty. There's some cracking deals on Infiniti at the moment.
  5. Yugguy

    How can I find out if this clutch will fit my car ?

    See if you can find the original part number as fitted to each of the 8v and 16v. I know from experience that especially ebay sellers can get it wrong in the Does This Fit My Car box. My car from 2008 to 2010 had one form of 170bhp diesel engine, then from 2010-2014 another. Engine parts are...
  6. Yugguy

    Diesel low mileage 05 x type 2.0 or high mileage mazda 6 2.2

    X type. Ford engine as you probably know, not the smoothest but strong, durable and lots of tuning. Do an oil change on the 4x4 transfer box when you get it as that's the only weak point on what is a very underrated car.
  7. Yugguy

    07 S-Type 2.7 diesel

  8. Yugguy

    Automatic headlights

    I've heard of moves to take away the Off option and only have On or Auto on new car light switches. Which is rubbish. I turn my lights to off when the car is going to a garage for work, otherwise they'd be on all the time.
  9. Yugguy

    Mk4 Gt-Tdi wanted 130bhp

    Howdo. I had a Bora pd130. Strong engine.
  10. Yugguy

    Automatic headlights

    I have them. They can be a little too sensitive which I suppose is no bad thing.
  11. Yugguy

    VW Bora Highline 1.8T 20V

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a lower trim car and add highline bits?
  12. Yugguy

    What does cat D and cat C mean when buying a car

    If I was buying a car that I wasn't keeping for long I wouldn't touch a cat c or d as they are hard to sell, but if I was going to keep it for many years I would. Always see the report though. You can get cars that are written off from purely panel damage, they can be absolute bargains.
  13. Yugguy

    New to tinkering

    Howdo. I always recommend changing the brake discs and pads to uprated ones. If you've not done much before these are a good place to start as they are relatively easy but give you a great sense of achievement once done. And they look good too.
  14. Yugguy


    Aye - the latest Civic Type-R has something like 340bhp out of its 2.0 turboed engine going through the front. I've been a passanger in one and although it stuck to the road really well you could feel how hard its differential and electronics were working to keep that power down and stop axle...
  15. Yugguy

    Basic Maintenance to do

    I would always change an air filter every 10k, or even sooner if you live somewhere dusty. Manufacturer schedules will have it every 20k to make it cheaper but your mpg will thank you if you do it every 10k. Cambelts are doable if you're competent, BUT you do need the proper tools to lock the...
  16. Yugguy

    New guy here ~

  17. Yugguy

    Springs, replace or repaint?

    I've had a good feel and I don't think it's deep rust
  18. Yugguy

    Springs, replace or repaint?

    The missus Yaris had an advisory on the MOT about rust on rear springs. I've had a look and it's just surface where the paint has started to flake. Otherwise they seem fine. They are easy to remove and I am thinking why not just sand down the flakey areas and stick some Hammerite paint on?
  19. Yugguy

    Floor Jack Question

    I have ramps but also little metal guides as otherwise the front valance hits the ramps.
  20. Yugguy

    Uk to ban new combustion engined cars from 2040

    The govt would be fools to suddenly put punitive tax on diesels after years of govt telling us to buy them.
  21. Yugguy

    Uk to ban new combustion engined cars from 2040

    Aye. Might have to buy that V8 in a few years time to have one last bit of fun. Apart from that though I want range, reliability, waftiness and comfort. It needs to be fast enough to overtake a tractor dawdler safely but other than that I'm not bothered what motive force it has. What I DON'T...
  22. Yugguy

    Beautiful Numbers

    Renault clocks?
  23. Yugguy

    Seriously? Brits soon to drive on left in Calais?

    So there would be places where you would have to swap back. How is that controlled? Utter chaos.
  24. Yugguy

    Working out torque if you don't know it?

    Aye. Couldnt do it on my drop links as I dont have a hollow socket set and need a T30 in the centre. Why they don't put flats on the bolt somewhere I do not know, it would be so much easier.
  25. Yugguy

    Working out torque if you don't know it?

    I'm going to change drop links tomorrow and don't know the torque. Could I stick a torque wrench in the existing nut, on a low setting, try to tighten - it will slip of course, but then increase the torque setting until it does tighten? Then that gives me the torque for the new ones.
  26. Yugguy

    Excuse Me - How Ruddy Much?

    Indeed. It's been almost 2 years since I've needed to drive into the centre of London and I wouldn't want to do it now. Travelling to and around London is the one area I think public transport works out better.
  27. Yugguy

    My XJR

    Do you still have the Vectra 3.2 from your signature? I had a Signum 3.2 a few years back.
  28. Yugguy

    France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

    I'd like to see every bus that trogs round Rugby belching out filfth changed to electric, and to be honest, every time I go to a big UK city now I come out feeling polluted, outside and in. Perhaps a compromise - electric/hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the norm, and petrol is sold in limited...
  29. Yugguy

    France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

    Indeed - it does make you wonder. Whilst military and large-scale applications such as shipping and flight might need fossil fuels for a long time, will there come a time when the ordinary punter simply can't purchase petrol/diesel any more? Whilst I have no objection to my daily driver being...
  30. Yugguy

    Upgrade To 2008 Mercedes C200 Display

    Comandonline can fit an OEM ntg4 for you, it's around 6 or 700 quid. I have it. Not as sharp as a very modern one but would look proper OEM and fold in and out.
  31. Yugguy

    Is it a smart move to buy a car and to finance it?

    There are pros and cons on both sides. I saved up and bought mine outright. It's an older higher-end car so has all the bells and whistles. And if I were to lose my job or whatever, I wouldn't have to give it up, where if it was on lease or finance I could lose the car. Flipside is it is...
  32. Yugguy

    Could AdBlue conversion technology save diesel

    Must be a better idea than scrapping 100s of 1000s of perfectly good cars. I'd consider it for my EURO4 Merc.
  33. Yugguy

    Would you buy a personalised number plate

    I got one that came with the car, otherwise I might have been tempted by T4 YUG for a few hundred quid. Just because, really.
  34. Yugguy

    Car gets hot in slow traffic but fine when moving at a steady speed, why ?

    You worry too much fella. A slight movement is perfectly normal especially in hot weather. If it was to be ranging between say 1/4 and 3/4 on the dial while driving then that's an issue.
  35. Yugguy

    Is RWD more fun

    I had a bit of fun even with my modestly-powered C220 in a field at the weekend.
  36. Yugguy

    Is long life oil really long life

    Aye, changed the diff oil on the merc at 57k and it was very dark.
  37. Yugguy

    Is long life oil really long life

    No oil lasts for ever. I've just changed the PSU fluid in mine using the pump out, refill, warm up, repeat 4 or 5 times method. The stuff that came out of my 9 year old 67k car was still green but a fair bit cloudy.
  38. Yugguy

    Suggest a sporty wagon/estate/avant 880bhp c63!
  39. Yugguy

    Ive got an itch i may have to scratch

    Aye. Shame but true.
  40. Yugguy

    Ive got an itch i may have to scratch

    Why not the V6? Lots of tuning options via the VXR parts and a good sound.