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  1. jas55

    What's the appeal of diesel?

    I have to say that I converted to diesel after having an X Type V6, nice car , nice engine but when my fuel bill topped £450 one month I had to make the change, luckilly my wife has a new shape Civic Type S so I can still have a bit of fun but at her expense!!
  2. jas55

    New member!

    No I didn't get to go to the BHP show. Are you looking to do another Torque Cars meet soon?
  3. jas55

    Beetle Hire for our wedding

    Dubs & Bugs supplied a new Beetle cabriolet for a wedding I covered at Port Lympne, they were very professional and had some nice touches, colour coded bow for the car that matched the bridesmaids dresses and flowers on the back shelf of the car. Hope that helps.
  4. jas55

    Magic Bullitt

    if i had the cash i would get one, if i could have the original one i would be afraid to use it so the new one would be a great run around. Saw a lovely Mustang at Santa Pod at the weekend, the guy wasn't too afraid to give it a thrashing on the strip!
  5. jas55

    New C5 - your thoughts

    I have had mine for 2 months now, it was 8 months old and saved me £8000 off of the list price, the build quality is superb, great ride, economical, not the fastest in the world being a 1.6 diesel but thoroughly recommend it as a comfy saloon.
  6. jas55

    What would put you off owning a Ferrari?

    I can only speak from a friends experience, he had hankered for a Ferrari F430 for ages, finally saved up for one only for it to go back to the dealer on three separate occasions plus some oik decided to peel the badge off of the bonnet with a screwdriver causing £5000's worth of damage! He has...
  7. jas55

    Favourite Motorsport?

    F1 is certainly back in the mix now everyone has the same set ups, makes it all the better that a brit is still at the top of the table. Drag racing is also great to watch, I was at Santa Pod on Saturday and the Run What You Bring competitions in the morning were great to watch, I chuckled when...
  8. jas55

    Ford Mustang 45 Year Anniversary

    What a great selection, shame none of the Ford dealers local to me in the UK had the same idea, maybe when its 50 years old!
  9. jas55

    New member!

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I am a freelance photographer based in Canterbury, my main line of work is commercial and sports photography. In November 09 I am launching Carzpix which will be a website dedicated to cars, I will be selling on line limited edition prints and canvases as well as...