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    Audi S3 8L boost leak

    Hello there, just looking for a bit of advise again in my S3 8L. I have up graded the boost pipes - I think I paid roughly £60 for them on eBay, recently I lost all forms of boost and it was just making a rumbling sound when I accelerated over about 20% I had the car looked at by the Welsh VW...
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    Milky oil stick & loss of power S3 8L

    Hello All, I have an Audi S3 8L. Just before Christmas the cam belt snapped when the water pump seized, I spent a bit of money and had it re build - head sent off for skimming, new gasket etc. It drove better than ever afterwards however 850miles in and I have lost all power, the MAF sensor is...
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    Bose sound system Audi S3

    Hi guys, Just wanting to know about people’s experiences with the Audi S3 8L Bose sound system? My front left has gone possibly front right is on it’s way... is it worth finding a replacement Bose sound system or go after market? Cheers
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    Audi S3 8L tuning

    Hi guys, I have an audi s3 8L with a snapped cam belt due to a seized water pump. Sods law this happened 2 days before it was booked in to be changed Thankfully I have a very good mechanic friend on furlough that is re building it for me. So my questions are: whilst having the engine...