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    Do spacers improve handling

    I am running spacers on another car since it has aftermarket hd wheels that have a different offset. No issues whatsoever. I don't track this car.
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    Hyundai Elantra help newbie

    I know there's still no turbo kit available for the 2.0.
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    What is the best Saab Engine?

    I would choose T5 because it is easier to tune and the parts are cheaper.
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    New to Volkswagen

    ECU remap is a nice option.
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    e32 welded diff

    A true LSD is a better upgrade.
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    Rav4 2001 2.0L AWD - Increase Fuel Economy

    Doing some hypermiling techniques can help improve fuel economy.
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    Hi there my e36 318I lost power

    That's weird. Diesel nozzles are bigger in diameter so they won't fit into a petrol filler.
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    The worst tyre you have driven on.

    Toyo Tire Proxes TPT were the worst tyres I've owned. Poor in dry and wet pavement. Poor steering response. I replaced them with ContiSportContact2. Bought them from 4wheelonline. These tyres have awesome grip. Quiet and predictable in all conditions.
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    Negative camber

    It can improve cornering though it can lessen your straight-line braking. Had a set of nexen tires for occasional track use. The wear was on the outside edge of the tyre so I added negative camber to improve cornering response and stability.
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    Best upgrades and refreshes for 306 1.4 2000

    Here's a good article about tuning your 306--
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    I envy you for having a stunning car!
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    Best racing/car games

    My personal favorite is ProjectCars but I also like the Forza series.
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    Welcome! Post a pic of your car when you can.
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    I would stay with stock size and just choose a well-known brand like michelin, falken tires and bfg. If you want to improve acceleration of your car, consider getting lighter wheels.
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    2017 Dacia Sandero

    I'm not familiar with that performance chip. If you bought one, take a dyno test to see if there's really a power improvement.
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    Yaris SR 1.4 Sr

    I heard that adding a Jetex performance air filter can help improve the performance.
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    Is long life oil really long life

    Just follow the recommended oil change interval and always choose the right oil spec, your engine will be fine.
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    Interior Wrapping

    It takes a lot of patience. You can start with small parts. This will make you more comfortable.
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    Which colors for my brake disc calipers?

    So what color did you choose? I think the yellow or orange color will nicely highlight that area.
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    Hi guys! I'm new here . Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard! What are the mods you did already on your car?
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    Aside from performance mods, adding a big brake kit can help your car to stop sufficiently.
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    Audi a5

    This article is worth reading--
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    '06 CRV

    I would start upgrading the suspension to improve ride quality.
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    ICE upgrade on the Scooby

    Cool upgrade. I'm planning to replace my head unit with a touchscreen.
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    Has anyone used fabric and vinyl spray paint dye

    Using a spray dye will give a nice result but it will not last long. There are also spray paints for carpet. The only con is that it is stiff.
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    Mazda 2 Air Intake

    I have a k&n intake. Bought one because it was on sale at 4wheelonline. Didn't notice a huge HP gain but I like the improved sound and throttle response.
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    what all-season tires to get

    I am looking for a good all-season tyre that's not so expensive like Michelin. I'm leaning towards the continental tires particularly their DWS06. Does anyone have personal experience with them? Let me know what works for you? Thanks!
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    Have you checked your antifreeze

    My car got an oil change two weeks ago, and the mechanic guy also checked and topped up my antifreeze.
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    What interior would you like to have

    Would love to have a dashboard with a high-resolution tablet where I can check real-time engine and car parameters, view navigations and a lot more.
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    Car instruction manuals useful or out of date

    I have manuals here but I still search for additional info on the net.
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    Which are the best oil brands to use

    As long as you are using a quality brand like Castrol, Havoline and Pennzoil, you car will be ok.
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    This car was used on the road

    Can't understand why some drivers are compromising their safety while the road.
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    What makes a car fun to drive

    For me, manual transmission, smooth power band and responsiveness.
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    Exactly how many mods have you done to your car ?

    That's a huge list! My mods record is not updated.
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    Oil Brands

    The most important thing is to choose the one with the correct spec and viscosity. Brand is really optional.
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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Nice project. The steering wheel looks really cool.
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    Your cars colour choice means something

    I chose my car based on styling.
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    What would I do to my car if I won Lotto

    I would add a turbocharger or supercharger and upgrade some interior/exterior pieces.
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    Would you buy a used race car

    Why not, but I would check the repair records first.
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    Cold Air Intake

    Don't expect huge power gain by just installing a CAI.