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    Fuel from rubbish?

    We all know about ethanol, E85 is an alcohol gasoline mix than burns cleaner than petrol and costs a third less ( in some places ), most cars could run on it, so why don't they. We all hear the sob stories about how the Amazon will be burnt down to make way for sugar cane to make into fuel...
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    Duratec 2.3 HE engine

    While Pondering a good motor to go into a project car i came across the ford duratec 2.3 HE engine. a bit more searching later i found references to a cosworth duratec 2.3, which sounds great. problem - all the cosworths i could find seem to be modified to put out anything between 200 to 300...
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    Rules of NOS

    This question has probably been asked before, but im still so confused, Nitrous has been appearing in more and more cars around me, and i just saw what it can do to an old golfs acceleration (fifth gear, on dave), i also had a ride in a friends nitrous'ed merc and was absolutely blown away by...
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    Alfa 159 TDI ?

    I recently posted a thread about modifiying my fiesta with an enginge swap and uprated suspension , this would cost a few grand to change all of the parts that i would need to make it work ( brakes, suspension, gearbox ect), however today i found an almost new alfa romeo 159 2.4 l TDI for...
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    A second newbie from somerset

    Hi there, my name is Rick, i found this site while pondering what to do next with my car, its a toss up between an engine swap, some tuning, or a new vehicle altogether, after all its only a fiesta, any advice guys? oh, if you are wondering about the username, that was the last thing to go...