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    Should new drivers have power restrictions?

    Airbags replaced with spikes !!! LOL I like that idea
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    Should new drivers have power restrictions?

    Agreed, a new driver can cause as much trouble in a 1,000 cc mini as a 300 bhp evo. I personally think new drivers should be the same as a provisionl driver and must be supervised by a experienced driver for at least the first 6 months
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    Worst Car.

    LOL Well I put that into it then, BUT only if it is pea green with a hint of the original cream colour coming throught lol
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    Whats the most un economical vehicle ever?

    I may be wrong Sid, but Iam sure I recall a episode of TopGear whe JC tested it and got it down to 1mpg, I maybe wrong lol
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    Worst Car.

    I put for the Robin Reliant, but is it classed as a car?
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    Cooking in your engine bay.

    Hmmmm think I might go for a hours drive and cook my sunday roast at the same time ol
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    Engine Oil Temperature

    ^^^^^^ Correct :)
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    Brakes question.

    i stick my feet throught the floor to slow down lol
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    What is more economical.

    Personaly I think both cases would use the same amount
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    Whats the most un economical vehicle ever?

    I know if you stick your foot down to the floor in the new hummer you can get it down to 1mpg
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    Personally if you do a "Immitation" to be a exact copy why bother, lets take a Escort mk5 for example, I am sure that 99% of people would love to turn it into a cossie replica. a 1.4lx that look exactley like the cossie does look amazing, but to be honest would a car thef or vandal know that its...
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    UK Newbie

    agreed the OEM lights are nice, but there is no harm in trying a different look, its a simple easy fix if they dont look right
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    UK Newbie

    Yes Miniman your probably right, ive been doing some things on Photoshop and the lexus lights dont look right, makes it look tacky, i have also played with tinting them and found that a very ligh tint does look good, so maybe thats the way forward
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    UK Newbie

    Well I am after a certain mondeo st24 i only want a black one, mods ive got in mind are the new RS8 look a like headlights, engine dress and deataling, defo better wheels than the standard one and im also think of black lexus reat lights. Hows that sound?
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    UK Newbie

    My ride huh LOL !! At this time I drive a total standard Renault Lagune 1.8 RT Sport, its a pretty good car, great condition and drives like new. But I am in the prosess of looking to buy a Mondeo ST24
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    meethraps money pit!!!!!!!

    omg meethrap !!!! I would love to of seen your face when you dropped the panel off lol Your a brave man but I guess with a little time and a internet cnnection anything is poss. Going right back to the very first pics, leave the headlight washers on, just colour code them cause as they are in...
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    This is my bimmer - 320i 1997

    Looks good to me, gotta love the bm's I do think a subtle boot spoiler woul enhance the back end a bit
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    My Honda Accord Coupe

    Looking good mate, what a big difference a good engine clean made, looking forward to some update pics
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Looks sweet, subtle but very effective mods, top class looks great
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    UK Newbie

    Hi all, Just joined the group, I live near London England, lookin forward to talking to a few of you and posting on the forums. :)