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    saab audio equipment

    What's up fellow saab lovers! I have a simple question.. I noticed that my car can have the saab audio extra.. Is it any good? Should I buy it? And is it hard to install? Any tips are appreciated! Greets
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    egr valve replacement

    Hey guys. I was thinking of replacing my egr valve with a blanking plate... But I don't know if it would do any worse to the car... Any opinions? Suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers!
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    engine signal

    Hey guys. A few days ago i took my car for a drive at night and that little engine symbol on my dash kept glowing. I did not think it was something bad so i kept driving. But each time im in 3th gear and going past the 2000rpm he loses bits of power.. I feel him not pushing as he should... Any...
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    93 2.2 tid sportsedan

    hi guys, so i have this '03 saab 9-3 2.2tid Sport Sedan with 125hp.. I want to tune it up a bit or change the engine... but i dont know what engines i can fit in it or what kind of tune i could do... if i can i would love to fit a vtec in it.. but is it possible..? and where can i look into...