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    Install Help: LED Taillights

    Situation Update. Hello, sorry to waste yalls time but i figured it out. There were connectors down under those stickers that i didn't see (even after removing the stickers). I had to to use needle nose pliers to get them. Thank you for your effort in solving my problem though.
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    Speeding penalties - too harsh

    In Arkansas (USA) I was pulled over for going 54mph in a 40mph area and had to pay a 130 bucks. Other people?
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    Hey Guys.

    Hello. Im From Arkansas and I just own a 2004 Mustang. The only thing modded about it is the stereo. Professionally done by a local Car Audio store. Dual 10". Anyway I mostly joined to ask a question, but i might stick around.
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    Install Help: LED Taillights

    I need help installing these taillights. The company I bought them from on Ebay didn't give me any instructions whatsoever and I'm still awaiting a reply. Pictures Below... Please read the descriptions on the pictures for further information. Thanks Very Much...