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    Whats your summer car

    I love something like Hard top Convertible to get the sun and summer air... it could be Mer SL...
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    Query from ben

    If you really like the car and it is suitable for you, there is no reason for not buying it. I think before buying, take a driving test probably, try to hear any strange sound while driving would help!
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    And then to fit the eyes: It is 10cm longer than normal Civic!
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    Thank you for comments mates, I am still trying to choose the best option for front and back of the car! R8 is very considerable. Unfinished face: Took out the eye to...:
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Thanks for attractive pics from you mate! Nice car Nice jobs!
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    My Honda Accord Coupe

    Nice white mate, like it!
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    Fit the first EYE on left: Fit the second EYE on right: Result after operating primarily: Currently do not have a best option for the front looking, any ideas?
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    Here are all of the picture of the tuning process from this April till now: Ferrari 612 rearlights: Maserati Granturismo headlights: Together when just arrived Vienam:
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    The new ver3 is being done and should be finished by June/July. I still need your great comments for better tuning. To do list in ver3: - Change the headlight from origin to Maserati Granturismo. - Change the rearlight from origin to Ferrari 612. - Change the front and rear looking...
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    Pics of my 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

    Cool headlight and the front look! I really like it mate!
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    >>>>project nova!<<<<

    Need some more pics to see mate!
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    Can anyone be a Race driver

    Luck is always the last path to win lol...
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    Honda Engine Swaps

    Thanks for good guide for engines, would need your advice for engine tuning Prince.
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    53cooper s.. supercharger not very super?!

    I would ask how many miles have you done? Below 5000 miles the car would not be stable, power will change gradually depends. At this time the pistons need time to run smoothly also all other parts of the car. I think it is nothing about supercharger, maybe your feeling is uneven, haha...
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    Maserati owners say hello

    Hello everybody, I am new would like to say "Hello" and glad to join this forum. I am driving the Cambiocorsa 4.2, very nice car and treat me good but expensive for service lol...
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    @pgarner: I am now in the UK but the car is in Vietnam. I am sorry, will post more. @Prince: It is OTODOANHNHAN badge, the logo of forum OTODOANHNHAN.VN Thanks for all comments, should I take out some bars in the front bumper, I think it was too many bars look hot? Does anyone know where...
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    Thanks for your great comment mate. At first I put this spoiler and till now but I am gonna change it in the next Version finished in June hopfully. These are pics of Version 2: The Maserati badge looks not suitable and I changed it, the wheels are 19" but brake is bigger...
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    Honda Civic Tuning Project!!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to forum, nice to meet you all. I currently have a Honda Civic tuned for a year and still in tuning to a new "version:lol:", just would like to share to all for great comments from you. In the year of 2008: