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    less power

    You could also install a cold air intake to improve its performance.
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    Hello From Missouri

    Welcome! Howdy from Las Vegas!
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    New member and CRX DEL SOl owner saying Hi!

    Welcome! Hello from Las Vegas!
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    Hello all

    Welcome! Greetings from Vegas!
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    Cold Air Intake

    I would like to install a cold air intake on my Nissan Frontier 4 Dr XE. Should I go for a Volant CAI?
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    Charon from LA

    Welcome! Greetings from Las Vegas!
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    Welcome! Hello from Las Vegas!
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    Welcome! Cheers from Las Vegas!
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    New Member

    Welcome! Howdy from the Sin City!
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    New Member

    Welcome! Howdy from the Sin City!
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    Glad to be back

    Welcome! Cheers from Vegas!
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    Newbie !

    Welcome! Greetings from Las Vegas!
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    Just had a full service

    It's so hard to trust a car shop nowadays. You are very lucky.
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    Bad mods for a road car

    Loud exhausts give me a headache.
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    my weekend toy Fiesta RS Turbo

    Your car's looking great!
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    e36 323i Project complete!

    Nice mods! Your car's looking great!
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    Hi from Toyota Carina n/a modder

    Welcome! Howdy from the Sin City!
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    Welcome! Cheers from Vegas!
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    Truck Bumper

    I am looking at several truck bumpers for my 2004 Nissan Frontier. I am planning to get ARB Deluxe Bumpers, similar to this style: Is this a durable brand?
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    Welcome! Cheers from Las Vegas, USA.
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    How often do you explore your car's limits

    During weekends, when I get to go on road trips with my family and friends.
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    Best 2 seater convertible

    I love the look of the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible. I love its design and according to reviews, it is wickedly fast.
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    Fuel prices dropping further

    I hope the prices go lower.
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    New to lexus, tuning, and forums.

    Welcome! Cheers from Vegas!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Best colour for a car

    Black is my favorite car color.
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    Why does red paint fade so badly

    I think it depends. The color will usually fade faster if the car is exposed to the sun. Particularly if your car is parked outdoors and you live in a place with a warm climate.
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    Will a car run without a battery

    I haven't tried it yet. Reading your post got me curious.
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    Welcome! Cheers from Las Vegas, USA.
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    Diesel cheaper than petrol

    In other countries, Diesel is typically cheaper than petrol.
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    Ceramic exhaust coatings and exhaust wraps

    I have never seen a ceramic exhaust before. I am very much happy with my Magnaflow Exhaust.
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    Cars on your to own list

    If I could afford it, I would definitely buy a Maserati.
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    Interiors are getting smaller

    True. Cars are more expensive but the interiors are really getting smaller. That's why I'd rather buy an SUV.
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    Faster than a Bugatti Veyron!!

    It looks pretty ordinary to me.
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    At one with the car

    I easily get attached to my car. I treat it like my best friend. I take care of it really well and it rewards me by running smoothly.
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    Dirt autocross

    It sounds like an exciting sport based on what I watch on TV.
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    Thoughts on BMW e46

    BMW's are the best.
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    Have you upgraded your brakes

    I recently replaced my Honda Civic's brake pads with AEM High Performance Brake Pads. Got it from 4wheelonline. Haven't changed the brakes on my Nissan Frontier.