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    Ez's XJS :p

    Here is my build log but more of a conffesion of my ownership of a 1985 XJS HE in the UK. The day's are sometimes a week apart but it's just when I have money/time to do all these little/big jobs. Day 1 I eventually went for a 5.3 V12 HE version of the XJS after looking at quite a few purely...
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    XJR upgrades

    Going to soon be a proud new owner of a XJR, it has a fair few miles on it so was needing some suggestions, A. Pulleys for the engine/supercharger, any good aftermarket ones? B. Rear dif/Gearbox oil that is claimed to be "lifetime" but that could not be further from the truth :D C. anything...
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    Vectra Mod's

    Looking for some advice on upgrading the diesel Vectra B 97' 2.0l Turbo, It's not as slow any more as it used to be after a Alternator belt/ECU/tires and some good old redex direct into the upper intake :D Still I want to get some more juice out of it, first Idea's where added to the exhaust...