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    i have a problem...

    I'm about six foot eight and i put a smaller after market steering wheel on my mustang and i fit pretty well now but i will probably get some different seats as well so i can get a lil more space.
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    How loud do you play your Music?

    It really depends on my mood but most the time i have the sound up loud enough for any car near me to hear or at least feel the bass. I never have the sound up when I'm near my house though i don't want my subs and amp stolen again.
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    My 1995 mustang cobra

    Thanks! I was wanting a lil bit darker blue but this turned out really good.
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    My 1995 mustang cobra

    I'll have to add more picks to the thread later. Interior was painted by
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    What colour is your interior

    My mustang cobra interior My interior is black and blue painted by