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    3 cars £3k (blaster, family & a GT)

    every single post you just cannot help yourself, getting sick and tired of constant harrasment. Can a admin please step in before this goes further.
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    at last the trans am is on the road

    V8 and a bandit mustache does indeed corrupt :D
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    Choosing a body repair shop

    repairs are never invisible, one man operations are nearly always your best bet.
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    should i shouldnt i ??

    get ready to roll those front ones down when the police stroll by though as they dont look like 30% :D
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    Save weight dump the gear box

    Ummm sounds pretty mad and would probably make motorway journeys impossible. you would also loose a lot of power due to having no gear ratio's.
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    3 cars £3k (blaster, family & a GT)

    Spend the 9k on a very good XJS/buick/plymouth and use it for everything :) but if 3 cars are a must, Weekend: Something with RWD and no traction control/saftey features/seatbelts with over 200bhp at least Family: BMW 323/325/328 (economical and bullet proof) Long distance: XJS of course or...
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    Banned within 2 years of passing your test

    I think the police decide or the nature of the ban decides whether or not you need to resit a test in order to have a license.
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    Induction kit info??

    Moaning about not having a sixth gear :D I would like a 4th on my auto box!
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    wot size for 12" sub box

    Its not just the size it's the geometry/porting of the box as well and unless done correctly most will sound terrible.
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    Next series of Top Gear

    Cannot wait :D
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    Motorcycle engine in Fiero...?

    Far enough, have you looked into the decent supra engines?
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    Famous people driving

    Ohhh yesss :D
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    Competition in the car industry

    That was suicidal inter company fuede's :D
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    Motorcycle engine in Fiero...?

    Conversions are always expensive and definatly not something to cheap out on if theres that much labour going in anyway, may as well go for a nice V8, thats easier to fit and little ECU worrys and very easy to maintain.
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    Best Road to Drive in the UK

    Thanks has put my mind at ease :D
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    Driving Lessons.

    I have seen far worse middle aged drivers than I have people who have just passed there test, shame the insurance companies dont see that.
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    Oldest model of police car

    How has no one linked this yet? DUN DUN DUN DUN :D
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    Competition in the car industry

    Bring back the real british motor car racing with every kind of normal UK road car with engines shoe horned inside them :)
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    Best Road to Drive in the UK

    Was driving along it last night and the road that runs along it had a police van sitting on it, I only noticed when I was strolling along at 75 but I dont think it was taking speeds :D
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    Best Road to Drive in the UK

    A413, no spots for police to sit and a dual carriage raceway all the way from chalfont to uxbridge thats normally deserted :D
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    Navigation to be part of the driving test

    Same I just would not pass the test unless I lived in the area, my nav skills are actually shocking.
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    Motorcycle engine in Fiero...?

    Someone asked something along the lines of this, bottom line was you wont be able to drive the car long distances or 30 miles really as the sound would be utterly devasting and the gearing ratios are really light as the engines power curve is pretty flat once you get to 5k rpm.
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    What to do in a Jam on the M25

    Pull over because my car cannot do jam's on the M25.
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    Advantages of a small car

    Hate driving 99% of these small cars unless on a really short haul trip like to the shops and back even then I enjoy driving a large car. As for the parking, if you cannot park a normal sized car then you should not be driving hence why I enjoyed learning in a 4dr saloon as it teaches you to...
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    Whats the best car you've driven

    Uncle's Audi R8 in the parking lot :)
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    go kart on the road!!

    With a good driver tbh the M3 CSL would be long long gone.
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    Telling a numptie he is a numptie

    How has no one suggested jumping out of your own vehicle and jumping on his bonnet to let him know, or is that just me ? :D
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    911 Rivals

    I was never talking about modded cars I was talking about completly stock cars from each of those car makers have cars that the dentists car would fall behind.
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    911 Rivals

    Nissan, Honda, Ford all have or had have cars in production that beat those numbers from porsche. They are dentist's cars nothing more.
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    2002 bmw 325xi

    That is a lot of money to spend when it wont be worth all that much now let alone in a couple years.
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    How much on mods

    But with a blower and if you put that hammer down, you will get ahead. A police chase will always ensue :D
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    Are you an overtaker?

    Only kidding :D
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    Are you an overtaker?

    All the people behind you may have died from the rocks falling out of the truck while it broke to avoid ya :P
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    Fiero won't start

    The kids may have caused unseen damaged or a couple fuses may have gone when they ripped out the battery.
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    Chinese Made Cars

    Although the japanese were a joke less than 30 years ago to the rest of the world, china will grow larger :D
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    Chinese Made Cars

    I would want to live, so no.
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    911 Rivals

    Far far far more exotic than those and In my mind look about the same as the 355 was the last pretty exotic in my mind for a long old time.
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    911 Rivals

    The nissan GTR is the only sensible choice and is far far far beyond porsche.
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    Elise alternative for Light Entertainment

    You can easily get sub 80k miles RS thats been cared for for under 2k sometimes under 1k! In the process of buying one for my brother to replace the 106 as the insurance is 1.4k compared to the 1.5k on the 106 :)
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    How much on mods

    Can anybody say blown transam and smokey and the bandit blasting out while being chased by UK police :D