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    Datsun 240z

    So, a friend of a friend is selling a 240z, as shown below, with a 2.85l (technically) RB26DETT Skyline engine in. I dont know much about the car yet, other than its £4400, and according to my good friend, its in very good nick and has won a few competitions. Looks gorgeous from there...
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    Are you Hot or Cold

    Summer I have the windows down as best I can, you know, when we actually get some sun. Winter I have to keep it pretty hot. That said, too much heat makes me drowsy, so if I feel that happening I wack on the cold air.
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    Have you ever hit or injured an animal or bird

    I've hit a Squirrel on the bypass, that stood no chance and I had a car to my left so I couldnt avoid that. No damage. And a pigeon flew out of no where when I was doing 30 and just went BONK on the front right wing, that was hilarious. When I had the Civic, a dog ran out after a cat, cat...
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    New bond cars

    Aston Martin though is seen as a British brand, its all meant to be very British. It wouldnt make sense to me to see Bond in a S5 Audi or a Nissan GTR or a BMW M3 So that leaves you with very few brands, and I dont think Bond would suit a Caterham, its not very glamorous to get out of, and...
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    New Car ?

    Could probably get an old EK9 Civic Type R ('98 shape) Believe its a 1.6 Vtec, rapid enough anyway. But whether it'll be falling apart and ragged to #!#!#!#!... Could also Lease a car... Could be in a New Civic Type R for instance, and spend 250 quid/month on that, and so long as you're...
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    Police made me remove my tints

    There is that, of course, but I'm lazy too, and sadly stuck in this ice locker of a country. Haha
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    Police made me remove my tints

    You guys have good pumps though, that clip into the 'on' position, so you can do something else while its filling. We have to hold ours on, probably something to do with Health and Safety or some sort of excuse.
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    Unrestricted Autobahn?

    Actually how long is the back straight on the Nurb? Isnt it long enough?
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    Cool cars in your family

    Uncle has a Aston Martin Vantage that I think I've posted on here before... Me Dad's getting a SL350 come March time, but I guess that doesnt count as its not here yet. Other than that, my Golf and the soon-to-be-gone ML320.
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    Wearing shades (sunglasses)

    Its funny how much profit Oakley make on their sunglasses. A girl I used to know from Colorado sent me a pair of 400 dollar Polarized Half-X's for 120 dollars. So, score. She works there, course, so staff discount. Heh
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    Whats up from South Africa!

    Three more posts. Spam. What did you have for breakfast? :P
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    Annoying passengers

    Friend of mine hates me driving, shes constantly scared that for no reason the car is going to lose grip in a turn and crash. Course, I dont drive like a muppet, but this does make me swing it into corners more. Shes sort of getting used to it now. Scare it into em, you know. Funny thing is...
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    So where's the snow?????

    AWESOME! Basically... Edit: Needed more colour and size.
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    Wearing shades (sunglasses)

    This. Love wearing them. Only when its sunny mind. Todays a good day for it but I've got my bloody glasses on atm so >.<
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    Sleepers or attention grabbers

    See, I suppose you'd call mine a Sleeper, and thats fine, I love my Golf. But really? I'm a bit of an attention whore. I'd love something that turns heads for its sound and its looks. But not some Clio with a dustbin attached to it. Like I said in another thread; Evo - aggressive looks, good...
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    What is your next car likely to be

    Realistically, I'd like a Type-R Civic or a Scirocco (200bhp version though) Slightly less realistically, I'd like an Evo (Probably a Evo 9 by the time I change my Golf) And slightly less realistically then that, I'd like what will be the Nissan 370z (When they release it...) But I've...
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    Fantasy anti theft systems

    Blades that come out on pneumatic bars from underneath the car the moment its attacked, cutting the potential thieves feet off. Cant drive away, cant run away. A MASSIVE novelty boxing glove released, again pneumatically, from the steering wheel. Would result in damage to the car though...
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    Which car maker has made the most progress

    Alfa IMO Nice cars these days, wasnt really fond a few years ago and their reliability... Room for improvement though, but they're a nice 'cheap' option if you're a businessman on the up.
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    18th Nov TopGear thread

    Modding that Renault looked a lot of fun. I mean, okay I wouldnt mod a renault family car, but yeah. Just looked really great fun building something with your mates and having a laugh. Good episode.
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    Hitch Hikers

    When I was alot younger we were in Norfolk hiring out some of those sort of convertible river boats (Roof used to go about 6-8 foot back. 13mph top speed. We crashed them a lot.) Went with my parents, cousin, auntie and uncle and such. Anyway me and my cousin, whos 18 months older, went for a...
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    Track Day, and then Caterhams

    Hey All, Havnt made much of a post recently! Been busy outside of work and in work and all sorts. But hell. It was my 21st last month and my Uncle booked me in at Oulton Park in a Caterham Superlight SV Seen here, with me in it: Anyway, I had an awesome day zipping round, open pit too - so...
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    Who's got a clean licence?

    3 points. 45 in a 30, whoops. Was working at Tesco at the time - was about 17/18 then, and I was getting 6 quid/hr, and only working like 8 hours. It cost me more than I earnt to go to work. Sigh.
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    Acceleration testing

    What are you guys using to time this, and how are you activating it? Stopwatch in one hand?
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    How safe is your car

    Provoking the question - Is being uncomfortable in a car affecting your driving ability and thusly causing you to crash and use that 5 star rating? Food for thought I guess. I dont go by safety, I go by what I like. If its safe, all the better. Not that I want a death trap, of course. My Golf...
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    GT 4 Challenge

    These actually work way better if you say like; Nissan Xanavi 350z - Stock setup, Stickiest tyres, all submit your times, go. As in, dont let them up the power, but let them change the settings of the car, ride height and such. Makes for some VERY close times. Last time I did this (with...
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    Driving like you used to.

    I definitely dont drive like I used too about a year after I'd passed. Once did a trip late at night (1am or so) back from a friends 12 miles away. Back in my Civic, 1.4, I made hit home in 13 minutes (I'd done it in 14 previously and wanted to beat it) Sped in some very stupid places, had the...
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    Ever locked your keys in your car?

    Done it but only at the post office down the road, like 300 yards (Lots of stuff to take so had to use car.) Had to run home and grab my spares. My friend from Newcastle drove to Leeds or so, he had a Skyline GTR, R33 I think, (He rolled it, nearly killed himself because some guy broke down...
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    Favourite Purchase So Far...

    Def. my remap. Changes the power band completely! Aside from that, not bought much for it! I did get a set of knock off mats for every bit of carpet there, that clip in on studs - rather than official VW ones that were a rip off. Thats about it really!
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    few questions for anyone who knows what there on about

    If it was turbo'd you'd get alot more power gain due to the boost. As the Turbo takes in air, the more and colder air it can take in means bigger bang for buck when your revs hit it.
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    Would it bother you if your sounds didnt work?

    I turn the music up to rid of the noise of my car. Diesel has such a horrid sound. Its such a shame. Otherwise I <3 it!
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    What cars would you never overtake?

    Overtook a Ferrari when I went to Newcastle the other month. Came along side expecting the guy to have charisma, character and a bit of like... you know, a grin or something. Apparantly not, he and his Mrs sat there, bland faced in their Ferrari, and stayed there. Lame. That was up the A1 and...
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    Being stopped by the police.

    I came over a bridge nearby my house and down the other side was a sniping copper with a laser gun, bright silly hat, and no car. Okay, doing 45 over a bridge sounds dangerous but, oh well. I was going to work, the irony being I got a 60 quid fine and 3 points, so everything I did at work was...
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    Planning a holiday

    If I'm going to Newcastle for the weekend as I sometimes do, maybe twice a year, I'll just slam in the Sat Nav Post Code, and go for it. Generally I'll check this on Google Maps too, to make sure its going to the right place. So, 1 + 2 :)
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    How do speed limiters work ??

    I dont have a speed limiter or a cruise control :( Oh well. Guess I'll have to drive quickly then.
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    What car (model and make from years 1990 to 2000) is fast w/ room for mods? (project)

    Re: What car (model and make from years 1990 to 2000) is fast w/ room for mods? (proj Theres loads. You should be able to get hold of cheap Nissan Skyline R32's, or Supra's - remembering that these wont be in brilliant condition if they're cheap, generally. Both of the above are Turbo'd RX7...
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    Most hated drivers out of .....

    Cyclists because they're prone to death, dont ****in realize it, and dont pay any sort of tax for the right to be there. Despite it being a Road. For Cars. And motorbikes.
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    Letting kids drive your car.

    ^.^ 2 hr lesson every week, plus family random driving round the industrial estate nearby. Funny story, when I passed my theory - which I failed first time thanks to the crap computer game they have of Hazard Perception :P - I was driving home with my mum in the car. There was, for some...
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    Window open or aircon?

    IF the weathers nice, then windows open apart from 60mph + speeds. I sit in an office 9-5 all day. When I do get out of there, I want to be able to experiance "fresh"* air * = Freshly polluted ****.
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    Letting kids drive your car.

    My mum n nan actually took me out in my Nans Civic 1.4 (Which then became mine) - we went driving at least for 20 minutes every night, often over an hour. I passed in 3 months flat, first time. so... its not all bad.
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    What Make And/Or Models Would You Never Think Of buying

    Wouldnt buy a Skoda, would really buy a Ford, never really liked them o.O Nor BMW, just dont like the image they give. Wouldnt buy anything French, tbh. Unless I dont realise what goes into my car, haha. I'd buy Italian cars. And unlike Waynne, I really would buy an Aston/Bentley/AMG...