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    oil pressure sender

    I have decided to finally have a look to see if the wire has come off my oil pressure sender unit, i put the car on the ramps and got underneath, but to my surprise i found the sender wire just dangling and no pressure sender any where, i can see the oil warning light sender this has the wire...
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    This is my gto

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    Just got back in the game with a J reg gto N/A Auto, needs a few jobs doing but i will get there, paint work is mint, as are the tyres and wheels, it has had leather seats fitted and that is where the problems are,inside, it has an after market stereo fitted and everything, seems loose or not...
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    jeep grand cherokee 4.7 v8

    Had this jeep a little while now, it is converted to run on LPG, never had a problem with it yet, it has loads of power, and is super comfy, has great off road capability and i find it a great asset to go with my newly acquired gto. I have nothing bad to say about it and would recommend one of...
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    Back in the game

    Well its been a while but i now am the proud owner of a gto n/a 3000 auto [1991] looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to
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    erratic idle

    I have read a post on here that says he has erratic idle speed ,my car has the same problem but it is only when it is cold ,when warm there is no noticeable problems, if i don't touch the throttle the car would and does cut out, there is no response to the previous post ,just wondered if anyone...
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    Hi everyone

    just a word to say hello to everyone on the site,my name is Karl and i drive a mitsubishi gto n/a, look forward to reading and also posting on the site,once again nice to meet you all:D