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  1. Racer75

    Centrifugal Supercharger Oiling

    Is there any major drawbacks to using engine oil to lubricate a Centrifugal Supercharger? I have managed to acquire a good unit but it doesn’t come with an Oil reservoir. I was thinking about tapping an oil feed and using a filter to work as a protective measure
  2. Racer75

    Turbo Oil Drain

    Just something I've been thinking about; Most people have a separate Oil Drain attached to the oil pan but I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Sump Plug as an oil drain for the Turbo? Would the stock sump plug be too low to act as a sufficient drain? Cheers
  3. Racer75

    Intermittent Rough Acceleration

    My car has an Eaton M62 supercharger on it and occasionally suffers from a hesitation, jerkiness when accelerating. For example, if I have been following someone and manage to get round them, it jerks and pops and the revs don't climb. If I release the throttle and press slowly, that sometimes...
  4. Racer75

    Supercharger Exhaust Setup Question

    Hi all, looking for a little input on something I have been thinking about recently. My car has the original exhaust setup, which is a twin pipe 2" exhaust from the headers to the backbox. I have fitted a supercharger and am running at approx. 0,4-0,6 bar of boost and have noticed an increase...
  5. Racer75

    E36 No Crank

    Hi guys. My ‘97 323i has suddenly developed a starting issue. I can turn the ignition on and hear the fuel pump priming as it usually does, but turning the key to the on position, the starter clicks but does not engage. I have changed the starter and tried it, and it did turn over, on two...
  6. Racer75

    Supercharger Pressure Release Valve Location

    Hi all. I have a blow through supercharger setup (maf and TB after SC) and I was trying to find the best way of locating a Pressure Release Valve. Currently, I have both a Bypass valve and a Blow off valve fitted with <1bar springs in each. I was curious as to whether or not this is the most...
  7. Racer75

    E36 323i V3

    After 4 years and X-amount of dosh spent, my pride and joy is finally finished. Again. Sort of. List of Modifications Completed; Engine/Drivetrain: M50 Manifold Tubular Headers 540i 3.5" MAF M50 Mid Section/328i Backbox 328i Pink Injectors ECU Remap, Custom Map to Suit Specific Engine...
  8. Racer75

    Boost Pressure Question

    Good evening all, I have recently completed my project of fitting an Eaton supercharger to my e36 323i. My SC is on the A/C side and uses an Intercooler. This is then fed through a BOV then into a MAF and finally into the intake. The boost gauge is hooked up to a fitting before the BOV and runs...
  9. Racer75

    E36 best diff for upgraded M52

    I have been building up my M52 323i over the last few months and it’s finally finished (minus MOT) Here’s a list of performance mods if anyone’s interested; M50 manifold Aftermarket headers M50 mid exhaust 328i backbox Pink 328i injectors Cold air intake with 3” pipe 540i 3.5” MAF ASC delete...
  10. Racer75

    New Coilover rubbing/squeaking sound?

    I have recently purchased a set of fairly cheap (admittedly) coilovers for my car, I have fit them and set them up to get the right height but when I pull the car out and take it a run around the block to move it, the front coils make a strange noise. It sounds like a mixture of rubbing and...
  11. Racer75

    Braided brake line blistering

    Hi, technical question here. I have fitted braided lines to my e36 and have tried to bleed them, but found that one of the lines had blistered (the translucent plastic casing that protects the metal lines had turned brown and fell apart). I replaced them but have now found that the plastic...
  12. Racer75

    M54B30 TB Cable Conversion

    Hi all. I happened upon an M54B30 Throttle Body in a scrap yard when I was buy my 17" 5er wheels and the guy generously let me take it for nothing. On closer inspection, the TB seems to be wire driven rather than the traditional cable. My question is this, is it possible to convert the TB...
  13. Racer75

    Turbo ECU Help

    Hello, I am planning to Turbo a little EP2 Civic I recieved a while ago from a friend of my Dad's. The car is in ok shape but since it only cost about £150, I was thinking that it would be a great platform to learn how to Turbocharge. I have read an awful lot of articles regarding Turbos so I...
  14. Racer75

    Plastic Overfender/arches

    I have purchased over fenders (arches) for my car as the tyres stick out past the arches, which I believe is illegal. To rememdy this, I have purchased plastic fenders which hide the wheels under the arches. This was not what I wanted to do but the wheels on the car just now are naff...
  15. Racer75

    e36 323i Project complete!

    Finally finished my (first) project car! Got a full years MOT on Friday after some work on the brakes. List of Mods; Painted wheels black Painted calipers red (MightyMods style +25kW) 325/8i exhaust upgrade RamAir filter e36 Cabrio X Brace Vented Discs An abundance of stickers :) Got...
  16. Racer75

    Camshaft Replacement

    Hi folks The camshaft in my project car is trashed and I'm looking to renew it, but without paying £600 for a professional (on a real budget) and its the sort of hands on job I would like to be able to do. Has anyone renewed a camshaft before and would be kind enough to pass on any advice (such...
  17. Racer75

    Corsa C stereo upgrade

    Hi all. I recently sold my Rover 25 in order to buy a much more sensible '51 plate Corsa C 1.0. Unfortunately, the original radio/cassette stereo system packed in after 1 week :( I sourced a used aftermarket JVC unit and an adaption kit but the wires in the back of the new stereo stick out...
  18. Racer75

    Rover 25 alarm system

    My Rover's alarm is driving me nuts. You can't leave the car for 5 minutes without it going off. I tried removing the fuse but then I couldn't open the doors and thus the engine wouldn't start. I was going to revert to the old ways and cut the wire that powers the sounder, problem is I can't...
  19. Racer75


    Hello all on TorqueCars forums. I'm 17 and from Scotland. Not passed my driving test yet but I was given a little blue Rover 25 that needs some cosmetic work. Head gasket had gone previously and was fixed (a problem with some K-Series engines). The little 1.4 is super slow but economical and...