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    wrx help

    my 1995 wrx import is blowing it's coolant water out when boosting, it has just had new head gaskets fitted as i though this would stop it ,dose any one have any idears ???
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    MMCd datalogger

    I have brought a palm m505 pda with the MMCd datalogger softwear on it but i cant get it to talk to my car (1994 mitsubishi lancer gsr 4g93t engine) dose anyone know what settings the MMCd softwear needs to be on for it to work any info would be grate
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    mitsubishi gsr

    hi can anyone help, on first start up when cold the engine will rev up to 2500 rpm ive had the throtle set and had all the sensors checked all is ok the only thing that stops this from happining is to disconect the induction pipe between turbo and manifold and then it starts up and revs normal...
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    309 mi16

    hi , i need help , can anyone tell me were i can find a wireing diagram for the mi 16 engine and has any one fitted to a auto box be for ,any info would be grate ,:D
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    hi everyone , im rob and i drive a 1994 saab 9000 with a few mods , is there any other saab nuts about ? i cant be the only one LOL!! as for the rest of you lesser car drivers (LMAO)a big HELLO !!