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  1. bigbadjoe

    Mitsubishi Evo 8 with 12 months MOT

    Hi there, I currently have my Evo 8 for sale on Ebay Put it on for a 5 day listing. Anyone want to offer me £6500 for a quick sale get back to me. Otherwise, try your luck in the auction. Regards Joe
  2. bigbadjoe

    Well, thats the Evo up for sale

    As per the tital really :( Its time to go and time to move on. I need a new boiler and need to clear some little debts that have been mounting up so I have bit the bullet and put her on a well known auction site (take a guess which one lol) She is currently sitting at £5100 with 3 days to...
  3. bigbadjoe

    For Sale

    Used toothbrush - Fair contition, hairs bent over - 22p Childs old mattress - Some stains, ideal for dog or passing out on when drunk - £7.54 Bag of odd socks - The others have to be somewhere, maybe you can match them - £2.40 Ketching knife - Blunt, surrated knife with rounded edge - 70p...
  4. bigbadjoe

    Cheap Tools! Or are they??

    I have just bought a mixed lot of ''used spanners'' on an auction site. I found them, and no one had bid. On closer inspection, I found that the two adjustables (6" and 12") were bahco! Reading the description, it said it was all bahco! There is two adjustables, two sets of grips, 8 closed...
  5. bigbadjoe

    Rossi is still the man!

    Well, if the Quatar Moto GP has proved nothing els, it has proved that Rossi, the GOAT, has still got what it takes. It was a shame he out braked himself in the opening laps, because it would have been nice to see if he had the pace to pass Georgie boy.
  6. bigbadjoe

    Oil Price?

    Is it me, or has the price of oil come down? I looked to buy oil middle of last year and I was quoted £50+ for 6L of 10/40 Part syn. I bought some last month, 5L for £16. I have looked on some auction sites and you can buy a case of 4x5L 10/40 part syn for £50. Has the price come down?
  7. bigbadjoe

    Turbo change on my Volvo

    Hi all, I have recently had a bit of bad luck. My trubo on my 1.9D Volvo has gone. The garage I went to quoted me £400 + Vat + 3-4 hours labour. Since looking online, I eventually got one for £240 + Vat including Gasget and free delivery (too me that is quite hard with an IV postcode). So...
  8. bigbadjoe

    Bearing gone :(

    Just spent a fortune in a Miti specialist. Driving up to North Wales and find out I have a loud hum when I take a left turn. From what I can hear, its the right back. Makes no odds as its a 4x4 so every bearing is a big job. Do you think I should have a go my self or take it so some...
  9. bigbadjoe

    Roof Wax Polish.

    As I'm taking my car to get some work done, and as the sun trap I left my car in for 4 months has eaten my roof, I decided to do something about it. Still got a little work to do. I'll do the same on Sunday then give it some clay bar and a coat of pure wax. The first is 1 coat. Second is 2...
  10. bigbadjoe

    My Evo Project. Official!

    Hi there guy's. I have thought it time I started my own thread now rather than keep jumping into other peoples with questions. Alot of you will know my planns. Upgrade Cams Adjustable Cam pullies Larger Turbo housing Remap Carbon Front splitter Carbon Exhaust guard Spark cover (either...
  11. bigbadjoe

    New Car! Kind of......

    Just found out the Misses son has just bought a Honda Civic 1.5LE 1998. From what I can gather, this particular model is quite rare. As they were only made between Jan 1998 and Jun 1998. Its the 114bhp version and tops a staggering 112mph! As he can't drive, has no licence and is unlikely to...
  12. bigbadjoe

    Insurance time!!! First time ever it has gone up!

    For the first time ever. My insurance has gone up. Just had my renewal quote, and it comes in at £1075.04! Slightly up from last year if I remember correctly. The renewal price doesn't usually bother me, because usually I check out the usual price comparison websites, get a good quote, tell my...
  13. bigbadjoe

    Im Sorry Loz.......

    A few weeks ago we were discussing the ''4 best looking jap cars'' in a thread. Mr Loz put a picture of a FJ Land Cruser and I automatically (without actually seeing one in real life) took the mic as it looked a bit plasticy and a bit ''baywatch'' Since then I have been driving around (in...
  14. bigbadjoe

    Yet another team pull out of Moto GP :(

    Suzuki have packed it in Its a shame. Over the last few years we have lost Aprilia, Kawasaki and now Suzuki. It wouldn't be to bad if we had other companies coming in. MV Augusta were meant to a couple years back, but no sign of them.
  15. bigbadjoe

    Auto trader needs to get this sorted.

    Here is another one Waynne Got me all excited, then saw it was...
  16. bigbadjoe

    Stoner lucky to win by 0.015 seconds

    Stoner pipped Spies to win the final race of the Moto GP calender. I feel sorry for Spies, he had an awsom race to come through the pack. Bautista took out Rossi, Haydon and de puniet on the first corner. Most riders rode with number 58 somewhere on there person in respect to Marco...
  17. bigbadjoe

    M5 Horror crash

  18. bigbadjoe

    Bad luck Bahrain.

    As some of you know, I'm out in Bahrain at the moment. There driving is something to be seen. One lad from work was involved in an accident yesterday. Some one had hit the side of the car (not his fault). In bahrain, what you do is stop (no matter where abouts in the road you are) and call the...
  19. bigbadjoe

    Carbon Trims?

    I have been scanning a certain auction website trying to find the best looking carbon front end splitter for my baby. And the amount of parts that come up under carbon fiber are emence. I have found (with no real effort) Front splitter Front bumper air flow guides (atached to the side of the...
  20. bigbadjoe

    Is your car common?

    Saw this on TG the other week. Thought it would be fun. This web site will tell you how many cars, exactly the same as yours, are left on the roads of the UK today. Lets see who has the most common, and who's is rere.
  21. bigbadjoe

    Do Mods improve value?

    I have been doing a little looking, and it appears that on my sort of car, mods seem to put the price of the car up. Is this the case with most cars, or would you say it put the price down. Mine for example. -Stainless exhaust straight off the turbo -D-Cat -Upgraded exhaust elbow -Larger...
  22. bigbadjoe

    What Have I Done?? Someone please shoot me!

    First of all, I'd like to say Sorry. I have done the unthinkable. I was on my way to Tesco and the road was busy. I was in a good mood and had already let out a white van man. I wan't thinking strate and I let a PRIUS out! :blink: That is worse then letting an old person in a Wagon R out...
  23. bigbadjoe

    Cut and Wax. Fair Price?

    As a few of you will know. If have just spent some money on getting my baby cleaned up. I have had both bumpers re-sprayed, the door and the wheels touched up. After chatting to the guy, he says the only way to get the true colour of the car back (other than a respray) would to cut and wax...
  24. bigbadjoe

    I have no car!.......(for a week)

    Well, thats it. My car is in the paint shop getting her alloyes, bumpers and door touched up. Don't know what to do now for the next week :sad2: I could spend some more time with the misses, take her for a nice long walk, maby treet her to a nice dinner at some fancy place. Take a walk into...
  25. bigbadjoe

    Fuel prices.....again. When will WE stop it

    Why are we putting up with the current fuel situation. It was only a month ago we had a rant about the government putting the fuel price down a penny, and companies putting it back up a penny. That was at 131.9. We are now at an average cost of 137.9. Thats a rais of 6p per leter and no one has...
  26. bigbadjoe

    Launch Controll! Yeah Baby!

    I have put off using my launch controll on my car for over a year now. I know it was there, but didn't want to use it, as I knew it would destroy the clutch in a few 1000 miles. I couldn't help listning in to a youtube clip I was watching, and tried it out for my self! The out come was, over...
  27. bigbadjoe

    Any one see the MotoGP??

    What a race!! What the hell happend???? :blink: Everyone was everywhere!! As the commontater said ''The post mortom of this race could take some time'' Feel for Colin though. He did well to get into third, then retire! :(
  28. bigbadjoe

    MOT Rip Off!!!

    Just had my car MOT'd. The price was £55 (I know that is £5 over the going rate) and he could book me in for today. I called him last night and said I was unable to take my decat off, as it is too far forward on the exhaust to use ramps as I cant drive onto them, only revers. My exact words...
  29. bigbadjoe

    PGarner, I take my hat off to you.

    Well, up here in sunny Scotland, Sunday was a glorious day, and I decided to take PGarner's advise on cleaning my baby. Two bucket wash Alloy cleaned with brush Shamis Polish Two bucket wash Shamis Wax Then.... Polish windows Hoover Wipe down inside It dam near killed me but I completed...
  30. bigbadjoe

    Floor matts = accidents??

    I can not count on two hands how many times my floor matt in any of my cars I have owned, has moved forward, and when accelerating hard, the peddle getting stuck under it. I usually remove the floor matt after the first time it happens, but really don't want to in my Evo. Do you think this has...
  31. bigbadjoe

    Tesco Fuel Price In Your Area?

    Having seen another thread, where someone had tampered with a Tesco fuel sign, it struck me that there fuel price differs around the country. Not that I buy there fuel, but it would be nice to see how much the price changes. What is the cost at your local Tesco for Unleaded? Elgin in Moray...
  32. bigbadjoe

    My woman has just been in a car accident.

    I gave my wench a call about 11 to see how her new job was going. She then told me she had just been in a 60mph car accident! :amazed: She was not driving, but another woman was. After the usual questions (and finding out she was ok) it turns out that her mate was driving along talking and...
  33. bigbadjoe

    Side liner, Centre line hugger or Straight down the middle?

    Here is an unusual one for you. Where on the road do you drive? I had someone in work (who always likes to put people down) come up to me in front of my boss and accuse me of nearly killing him. He said I was to close to the centre line, and that meant I was only 3 foot away from him. I...
  34. bigbadjoe

    Insurance. Nice Surprise!

    Just renewed my insureance and I was dreading it. I have moved address (from having a garage to not having one) and I have also moved to an area where I know there has been more car acidents. Not only that VAT has gone up, and since the change in insurance groups, mine has more than doubled...
  35. bigbadjoe

    My baby is getting a make over!

    After all the humming and harring I have decided to keep my baby. And give her a little make over. There are so many projects out there, but if I sell, then I will never be as happy again. So I have decided to give her some new cams, and another remap. Work to be done. VDZ cams (266 one...
  36. bigbadjoe

    Younger Drivers - Incorrect instructions?

    The last week, I have been in a car with two younger drivers (17-19yo) and the experience was not pleasant. Now, I know I own a 4WD car, but surly the technique should be the same. I'm talking about cornering. The two (who are boy racer types) seem to accelerate up to a corner, then turn in...
  37. bigbadjoe

    WTH!!!??? Insurance Group Change

    What the hell has just happened? I have just been checking insurnce for a project and it came up as group 29! So I checked my Evo and that is group 44!! Why have they changed all this. Parkers says that if your group has more than doubled your prices will increase and if it has gone less than...
  38. bigbadjoe

    Is it legal?

    I am thinking of a new project. I am fancying a cut up 4x4 for some fun. I am thinking of buying a Toyota Landcruser (J reg model) 4L deisel. Ripping everything off it (roof, doors, back, seats) then fitting a roll bar and bucket seats with harness. Is this leagal in this country? And how hard...
  39. bigbadjoe

    Stages...What are they?

    Am I being a complete moron here? But I have never got my head around what stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and so on convertions/upgrades mean. I have been told buy someone that he had a VXR with a stage 3 exhaust, with a stage 2 induction kid and a stage 2 remap. WHAT THE !$*#????? He then...
  40. bigbadjoe

    Life Goals

    What are you life goals when it come to cars? You get a lot of people saying they would like this car, or they would like that car. But never make a proper attempt to own one. What is your goal in your life, what car do you aspire to dirive one day, wether it be after you stop working or what...