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    How to make a 10 second car

    Wouldnt start with a fwd car that's for sure... think most 10sec cars are turbo/sc V8 atm. A light, cheap rwd platform, fox body mustang or late model camaro/firebird. ofc with big bucks one could build tt supra or gtt skyline.
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    Priorities when buying

    When i bought my car i only had my eyes on that one model. Wanted a cool, aggressive, loud sports car that sent a message to hippies:toung: MPG didnt matter so long as it didnt completely rape my wallet, and didnt even think about insurance until i found out how expensive it is...:embarrest...
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    What car should i get

    They recommend the 180SX because you're not supposed to leave it to stock power. Aftermarket exhaust, bigger turbo (nothing too big or you lose power down low), cold air intake and remapped/chipped engine control unit bring the power up. There are many 300bhp nissans out there. But remember...
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    Tax and your car buying choices

    I just buy pre-2001 models so the tax is based on vehicle weight and I can get away with poisoning the environment with gas guzzling yank iron :)
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    Car Insurance for modified cars - tips and a guide

    At least you don't have the average car tax of 30-50% :( cheer up!
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    Best first car mod

    a 5 inch bore aftermarket free-flow exhaust w/o mufflers to make the car go and sound like a racecar!! New wheels or steering wheel should bring most joy to the average car owner as most cars don't really benefit from intake/exhaust mods. Remap is ofc no.1 for turbocharged cars. Tho not a mod...
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    Car Insurance for modified cars - tips and a guide

    Are you guys serious with your premiums? 3.5K a year for a 206? I thought i was being had from behind here in Finland. I insured my first car (95 Firebird 3.4) with partial coverage (is that a term?) when i was 19 for 1.6k€. Usually everything car related has extra cost attached here but i guess...
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    vauxhall nova how to turbo

    Going to end up costing more than you paid for the car and you'll probably blow up the engine if you don't rebuild the bottom end. Unless you definitely want to keep that car...
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    Look at the car and know the owner

    While driving to work today i saw a slowly moving small fiat (punto? uno?) on the motorway and thought it must be an older woman... pretty close, probably in her early 30s and chatting on the phone on a busy motorway!:eek: I quickly moved out of the harms way in my Pontiac :lol: Seems people...
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    Whats holding you back

    Money. Why wouldn't someone want a 1000bhp car?:blink:
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    £7k to spend... But what should I get?

    Latest models of the Pontiac Trans Am/Chevy Camaro Z28 are ten years old. Good value, not sure how much they go for on that island of yours though. 98-02 models had the LS1 V8 which is pretty economical and easy to get power out of. Probably won't see one every day, which is a plus;)
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    Old member coming back!

    Two unidentified cables coming from the dash, two cables in the glove box for a screen or playstation or something and a 300W amp in the trunk. The upper part of the center console is aftermarket with a switch for anti-theft system, another strange switch and a retrofitted cd-player. They're...
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    Old member coming back!

    Thanks mate. Everytime I tell someone bout my plans they tell me to get a V8. Anyways, I was thinkin' a 3400 hybrid conversion, meaning ported aluminum heads from a 2000+ FWD 3.4 engine (Grand Am GT), along with aggressive cam, custom pushrods, LS6 springs for higher redline, etc. 220RWHP is...
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    Old member coming back!

    All pics feature baby bro's 50cc moped as I stole these pics from him:lol: I've got big plans for modding after spending next year in military. Whaddya guys think?
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    Old member coming back!

    Hi guys I registered a while back (2 years? 3?) when I got interested 'bout cars for the first time. Was active for a while, but haven't visited the site for over a year, but I figured, since I finally got my own car, might as well make a comeback:cool:. Bought a 95 Firebird, with an anemic...
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    Diesel - no longer dirty and slow - no longer cost effective>>>>????

    Diesel costs more than petrol:confused: Now thats odd. Price difference here in Finland is quite huge, i thought t'was the only reason people bought diesels!
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    TopGear 13th Dec

    We talking about the one with the evo VII and other fun stuff i dont want to spoil?
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    Your car of the year for 2009

    Audi S4, took the ultimate sport sedan title from bimmer, nice build quality, advanced AWD, good fuel economy for the power and no lag. Doesn't look half bad either:love:
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    Higher limits for advanced drivers

    It's always seemed odd to me that most cars have top speeds in excess of 200km/h, yet you're not allowed to take advantage of that anywhere (outside Germany).
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    10 more years left

    I heard the japanese came up with a kick-ass battery but an oil company bought the patent...
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    BMW to faze out V8's

    Downsizing is the word of the day, better get used to it, fellas :(. They're probs going to do the same for 4-cylinders in favour of triples eh?
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    Taking the R36 to SantaPod this weekend...

    How's that compared to your W8?
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    Taking the R36 to SantaPod this weekend...

    How's that compared to your W8?
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    If you had to stay with one marque which would it be?

    I'd go with BMW. Performance-oriented vehicles with rear-wheel drive and straight-six engines:evil:, combined with nice MPG.
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    How much night driving do you do

    Driving around the town for no reason with open windows and stereos with max bass in the middle of the night :lol:
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    Worst colours for a car

    pink and green. Beige's allright for rolls'
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    Is your granny a good driver

    Grandad from father's side is the only good old driver in my close family. Other one is dead and neither of my grandmoms drive. The one from dad's side DID have a licence, though she never had a car.
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    How many car makers can we name

    Well they make trucks and buses:?
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    How many car makers can we name

    Fisker Scania Volga
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    Street legal drag car

    ain't there a limit to how much you are allowed to increase power over stock? at least in Finland there is.
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    What penalities would you give for the following

    35 mph in a 30 mph zone = nothing 40 mph in a 30 mph zone = nothing 75 mph in a 70 mph zone = nothing 80 mph in a 70 mph zon = a warning 85 mph in a 70 mph zone = a more serious warning Parking on a double yellow line = car towed away, 500 pound fine. Driving whilst just over the legal limit =...
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    I need some help deciding what kind of car to get

    Supra(RWD) or 3000GT(AWD)?
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    HP & Torque??

    Roughly, torque is the cars ability to move mass. That is what you feel when you drive. Horsepower dictates the cars maximum power. Usually when people seek to increase their low-end power they talk of torque and horsepower is associated with top-end. I'm not sure though:confused: Hope someone...
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    Have you ever lied about your car

    I lied about having a car :embarrest:
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    What is a supercar

    Fast and expensive.
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    We're back

    hehheh, i didnt even notice we were gone 'til i checked my e-mail. Didnt have PC access for 2 days:sad2:
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    makes me laugh

    Most modern cars have good enough brakes already, while extra power never hurts right?
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    Accidents and speed do lower limits work?

    Well that's a way to fund government...
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    Yea i wonder about that a lot too (damn middle-age women). Been close to getting overran tens of times in the local roundabout on my moped (yeah, i know...). I do speeding sometimes too but never caused an accident (knock on the wood :))