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    hi, one question. ive been told ( not to sure if its true) that if you put say a 1.0 or a 1.2 gearbox into a 1.4 engine. that the performance would increase loads at bottom end because of the gear ratio. IS THIS TRUE??? and if it is. what problems is it likely to cause (if any). thanks x
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    need help!

    hey, im thinking of buying another vw polo mk4 1.4 16v and modiying it quite abit, i used to have a vw polo and i loved it. just brought a 206 and i think they are crap. so i want another polo. the 1st things i want to do with it is upgrade the springs. i want it dropped buy 60/70mm all round. i...
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    Is there any easy way of removing dynamat. ive been trying to remove it all from my boot. but its sticky stuff. ive tryed sticky stuff remover but it isnt that good. anyone know any tricks to get the stuff off?
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    petrol or diesel!

    The time has come for me to get a new car. but im not to sure what i want. a petrol or diesel. what im going to be using my new car for is just everyday use. no mods to it. im keeping my old car for that. i know diesel is more expensive petrol but you do get more miles out of diesel. but over...
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    bonnet pins

    what are bonnets pins for?
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    strut brace. your thoughts

    i know a front upper strut brace makes a difference in handleing but do you think a rear upper strut brace would make any difference or would it just be a waste of money and adding pointless weight? what are you thoughts?
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    ive got a question on behalf of my m8. im no mechanic so i dont realy know. he told me that when he takes his oil cap off his rockercover there is some yellow gunk around the rim. i said it kight be the head is nackerd but i dont realy have a clue. anyone know what the problem is? thanks :amuse:
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    carbon fibre

    can carbon fibre be sprayed??
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    back wiper?????

    is it illigal not to have a wiper on the back window????
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    weight shaving!

    i am currently working on puttin my car on a diet. i have read through the weight reduction artical on hear and ive done most of what said to do. ive got perspex on order to replace the glass. just wounderd if anyone had anymore ideas to help me save weight??? thanks
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    breather pipe!

    what do breather pipes do and do they need to be connected to the airfilter?
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    panel filter??????

    ive heard that a panel filter is better for my vw polo than an induction kit. which is what ive got on mine at the mo. but i cant say ive ever heard of a panel filter. anyone know what they are?? thanks
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    homemade exhaust flames

    ive been told that you can make your car flame by using sparkplugs some how. anyone know how?
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    Screamer pipes!

    What are screamer pipes and what do they do? also can they be fitted onto any car?
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    Hello im dan. im new to torguecars. just wondering if someone can help me get goin. thanks.
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    Need help!!!

    Hi there i am looking for some exstended bolts for my vw polo. I know were i can get the 20mm spacers from but bolts arnt included. And for some strange reason they dont sell the bolts. If anyone could help me please let me know. Thanks..