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    Making a car more reliable

    Pretty sure an engine rebuild with uprated parts is mods! and as above I also mentioned balancing :)
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    Making a car more reliable

    On an engine rebuild if you replace the head gasket with a cometic gasket, all head and rod bolts with ARP ones and ACL bearings then it's going to be able to take a lot more stick, and last longer too. A balanced crank and flywheel can also remove any unwanted strain and vibrations on the...
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    Making a car more reliable

    On a basic level gauges like oil pressure and oil temp are good. You know when the oil is up to temp before you go over certain revs and also if there is a problem with the pump or a leak/blockage. Same can be said for water temp/pressure. Something like the Scangauge can monitor things like...
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    Nissan Pulsar/Almera brake upgrade

    The calipers on an n14/sunny GTi/GTiR are the same as on an N15/pulsar/almera GTi. So they would fit no problem under standard 15" wheels. 256mm iirc is the disc diameter and the calipers arent that big either. A common upgrade is using Clio 280mm dics with twin pot FTO calipers.
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    almera speed restricted

    You'll only find speed restrictions on import Almeras (limited to 110mph). As said, this is just your engine running out of puff. The gear ratio on the GA boxes (you have a GA14DE engine) provides a longer 5th which is really for cruising.
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    Dropping in a 2.2 would be a nightmare because of the the different looms and the fact that the more modern YD22 uses a lot more sensors to run it. The CD20 is of the oldie diesel which can actually work in your favour. As suggested (beaten to it!) stick in the CD20T from a P11 Primera. You'd...
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    nissan almera n16

    Welcome :) Rotrex make a supercharger kit for the QG18DE Almera. That's thanks to one of the AOC members (Almerasleeper) going to them and asking them to make one from scratch. He got 197bhp but that was a light tune as it was a new thing so just testing the water. He's currently working on the...
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    nissan almera n16 supercharger kits

    Re: nissan almera n16 Welcome :) Rotrex make a supercharger kit for the QG18DE Almera. That's thanks to one of the AOC members (Almerasleeper) going to them and asking them to make one from scratch. He got 197bhp but that was a light tune as it was a new thing so just testing the water. He's...
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    Welcome mate :) Yeah the N15 and N16 is called an Almera over here. Shame they didnt keep the 'N' chassis name's consistent and call them all the Pulsar like over there ;) The N14 is called the Sunny but the GTiR version is known as a Pulsar as well. Just to make things more confusing we have...
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    It's a been good while since I've visited Torque forums so sorry about that admins! A number of things done in the last year, but here's the mod list as it stands. K&N panel air filter. Cold air feed. Custom front bumper. Phase 1 rear lights. Climair wind deflectors. Custom 2.5" turbo-back...
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    Tuning a Sentra..?

    What engine is it? 1.8 (QG18DE) or 2.5 (QR25DE)?
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    Kids are back at school

    :lol: yeah that vid is awesome. pgarner, it's true, when you stick a mother in a 4x4 it tends to end badly :roll:.
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    Signs of a bad driver

    I think those three are the big ones. You often see someone on the motorway doing exactly as you say Broken Cambelt^, speeding up to the person in front then you see brake lights :roll: Either bad judgement or impatient. Either way it makes them a bad driver.
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    Your height and driving

    I'm 6'2" and have no problems in my own car but it is a bit tight in some. Notably my mum's old escort. Hammond and Clarkson are definitely two sides of the scale :lol:.
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    new wheels

    Very nice :) Looks well suited.
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Thanks guys :) Yeah a modded car is never truely finished :lol: Fitted in the new intercooler and pipe work last week along with a boost gauge as shown in the pics. Pics show versions with mesh removed for shows and meets :cool: and mesh on for a more stealthy look.
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Thanks for you comments :). The intercooler was being trial fitted there so it's not quite in yet. had to buy a couple of different hoses then the job's a goodun! 'Quietly agressive' is exactly the look I've gone for do pleased with that :D. A few things done today because I was getting...
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    turbo charging a N/A diesel engine.

    The turbo will certainly help for what you want, but you must understand because it's an older diesel you'll never get the sort of performance you get from modern turbo diesels circa 2000+. You're limited by the fuel system and engine design. Do you know if Fiat went on to develop that engine...
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    turbo charging a N/A diesel engine.

    That's a pretty broad question mate :D, but I'll have a go. If it's N/A to start with then I don't think it'll be easier than petrol. I'm going to start you off with some basics and any terms you don't know Google should tell all ;). You'd need to choose which type of turbo you're going for and...
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    Private plates and spacing.

    Yeah there's two cars in London, parked next to each other in their drive. One's a Rolls and the other an Aston Martin. '2 BE' and 'NOT 2B'. My plate was a christmas present from the 'rents, and don't think I would have ever got one myself :rolleyes:.
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    Silly ways to improve your MPG

    That's far too sensible and not silly enough :lol:
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Got my catch tank in. Ghetto cable tie fixtures for now. Will make up a bracket later on. Also have uprated IC stuffs :) OE and uprated: A couple more pics:
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    Silly ways to improve your MPG

    Electro-magnetic grappling 'hook'? Fire onto the car in front and steal their power ;) :D.
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    Private plates and spacing.

    Well said. They should lax the rules a little when it comes to spacing but put in place a minimum distance between lettering perhaps. That sorts out the recognition cameras/software that they are so worried about (yes I know, for good reason) but allows a little more creativity :).
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    Your thoughts on the Panemera?

    I really don't like that they havnt tried hard enough to make it destictive. I agree with turbonutter69. I mean it just looks like a 911 that's been stetched and made ugly in the process. I know manufacturers like to keep their design influences running throughout the range, but come on Porsch...
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    Moments of regret

    Yeah I've done that myself :rolleyes: HDI Fun, it's a shame but yes you've got to drive so defensively lest some idiot makes a stupid maneuver.
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Thanks for the comments :) Glad the Almera is getting some attention :lol: Some more pics from a camping trip over the bank holiday.
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    Nissan Pulsar N15 1.6L mods?

    The GA responds well to an Apexi intake. You can also get headers for them in the US, so check Ebay. That'll give you a noticable difference to mid range and top end power with increased torque, especially as you've already got the exhaust done.
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    Nissan Pulsar N15 1.6L mods?

    Nissan's Neo VVL in action ;) Variable valve lift & timing. That was the base model. There was an N1 version which put out 190bhp. A real VTEC killer. There's a few guys on the almera owners club with these engines and they seem to be pretty impressive. I'm guessing trent coering's engine is...
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    What's the appeal of diesel?

    I know exactly what you mean! A custom exhaust does actually help the sound on a diesel though and makes for a sportier yet not loud, sound.
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    im confused!!!!!

    Yeah I've seen this 'bad' form of modding a lot. It's been a trend before, it may be again, but the smooth look is a constant I feel because it's less offensive lol. I'm a big fan of the OEM+ look myself :)
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    Performace Mods

    Worrying. I was planning on going to these guys in the next few months. They seemed sound on the phone and have heard good things from people in my owners club .
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    What's the appeal of diesel?

    There was an article in EVO about the Audi R10. Very interesting read. They went for a 5 speed box over a 6 speed but used longer ratios. I often think that my 6 speed could do with a longer 1st and 2nd that's for sure. Certainly now there's more power but I guess that would put huge strains on...
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    Dastek uni chip?

    My ECU is a hybrid Denso ECU and thus can't be remapped easily (a few have plugged into my ECU with no luck :sad2:), so the Dastek is looking to be the only real option for me. I'm fitting an uprated IC and a hybrid turbo so a remap of sorts is essential. I'll be taking my car to Dastek in...
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    What's the appeal of diesel?

    HDi fun, I totally agree with your points about how a diesel feels like a high power petrol, but unfortunatly only for the 1-5k portion! That's definitely where the apeal is. It does make it harder to get the most out of it though because of how much you need to work the gearbox. I for one found...
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    Mk4 Golf 1.9L GT TDi 150BHP - ECU Remap

    Very interesting read this thread makes and I dont even have an HDI or TDI heh. Impressive gains you got there HDI fun and pretty cool it looking totally standard still. On top of the increased power and performance the great thing about a remap is the drive. With the engine more refined you'll...
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Finally got my custom bumper/grille work done :bigsmile: Very pleased with the results and I think this is how the N16 Almera should have looked :) I did the work myself and got the painting done at a bodyshop. Took a while to get it right but it was worth it I feel ;)
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    Corolla D-4D

    I've had a Diesel Power Tuning (DPT) box until recently and I was very pleased with the results. Lots more MPG and performance and drive was improved. It's a digital box so is one of the more clever tuning boxes out there. Another (more expensive) option for you would be the Dastek Unichip Q...
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    Almera SXE 2.2 Turbo Diesel

    Right got some updates :) Not browsed these forums for a while will have to get back into posting on here again. Recently ditched the Konis due to opertunity to get in on a groub buy for BC Coilovers BR series. Saved £150 on them. These BC Coilovers are superb and the quality is outstanding...
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    New to the forums, Hey

    Of late it's hard to say as the Konis make for great handling while the DPT box transforms the drive and drivability of the diesel engine...! I would say the most fun has to be in the ability to chuck the car round corners at any speed :D