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    Has anyone had a DPF removal on Saab TiD

    Hi all, I hope all is good and you are enjoying the great weather. Has anyone had a DPF removed and software update on there Saab TiD? Is this a good idea or not? I see a lot of companies are offering this and I wish to know if there are any long term detrimental Side effects. It sound...
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    CD Player repair or ISO for Aftermarket

    Hi All, my 6 disc CD player has given up the ghost and has stopped reading CD's. Does anyone know of a reputable repairer that wont charge more than the unit is worth to repair it? Alternatively maybe now is the time to fit an aftermarket unit with DAB, parrot and Iphone...
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    Saab 93 Suspension Issues!!

    Hi All, I just wanted to let you know of an issue (some may be aware of but I certainly wasnt). Recently I noticed a slapping or Knocking on the NSF suspension and I thought, as did my mechanic that it was just the bushes as we all know that the suspension is firm on 93's. I drive...
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    Saab 93 Engine Performance Upgrade Hirsch Deal!!

    Hi All, in my quest for more BHP and MPG I have been considering an engine performance upgrade for my 150 bhp TiD Sportwagon. I have considered a Hirsch and also Maptun as I have heard and read lot of great reviews for the Maptun. I was put off by the cost of both I am a Scotsman after...
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    93 Sportwagon tailgate interior removal and centre speaker swap?

    Hi all, I am now swapping the dreaded 7 paper speakers and will manage the doors and dash l/r but how on earth do you get the centre speaker out? Am I being a complete doughnut!:embarrest: Is it glued in? As I have the sport wagon how do you get the interior of the tail off, is this a case of...
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    Hi, advice on MPG gains and Stereo Mod

    Hi, I am a newbie to the forum. Hello, any help and advice is greatly received. I have a SAAB 93 Sportwagon (Black) 2006 1.9 Tid 150 Vector Sport with 60,000 miles. It has been loved and looked after since I got it at 38,000 miles. Having a few dramas with it and it is costing me quite a bit...