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    moving chassis

    Not sure if this is the right section to post on, Does any one know if this chassis set up would be legal in the england? Its the 5th picture from the bottom the merc a class that has 2 or 4 seats at the press of a button, built by Rinspeed and hammond...
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    Ford Fiesta Zetec S £1150ono

    For sale is my Fiesta Zetec S i bought the car as a non runner as the lad that had it before me clipped a curb and bent the wishbone and buckled the alloy. Iv had the car checked in a jig and there is no chassis damage, Iv since fitted a new wishbone. The drivers side skirt front edge is...
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    aftermarket hubs

    had a browse online but cant find anyone that makes aftermarket hubs eg alloy ones for racing ideally escort cosworth or ford ones please
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    hello from bedford

    hi guys just joined after viewing the forum for some time there seems to be some seriously knowledgable people on here so im looking to expand on my exsisting knowledge and maybe help others too, well maybe!