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    Vinyl roof cleaning

    Just recently purchased a Saab 93 convertable. The is patches of mold staining on the roof. I think its been parked under a tree. Any tips on how to removed the stains?
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    Mk3 Golf insurance

    Right.. I just turned 20 and I have 2 years no claims next month. I was just offered a mk3 Golf Gti 2litre for a very good price. So I had a shop around for insurance on comparethemarket. I was quoted £1600 as the cheapest. So I rang Adrian Flux who I am currently with and they offered me £1232...
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    Golf VR6 insurance...

    Ok..I want to get a VR6 for my next car. I have been offered one for 900pound. He is selling it in 2 months. Anyone know if a 18 year old that has just passed his test in November would be able to get insurance on a 2.8 VR6 Golf. If I can get insured..Anyone know an average price ?
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    Lack of power.

    Recently I blew my engine in my vw polo cl coupe. Thats the 5 speed. I got a new one fitted from the scrap yard. It seems to lack the power in 4th and 5th. Any idea's? Odviously it has been sat in the scrapper for a while. It dosnt bother me too much about the lack of power. But I was just...
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    I hit a sign post :(

    Ok. Recently when out cruising with mates. I pulled out of a car park followed the road around. Not knowing a black post would cripple my passenger door. *Damage Done* Dented the passenger door. ripped the trim off. Hit the back wing, Creased the wheel arch. These old VW's dont tent to be...
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    Confused about the polo.

    I have been searching on the web for parts for my car. I know this may sound daft but is there 2 types of MK3 polo, I know the 89-93 was the mk3 because I have one ^^ But I thought the 94-99 was the MK4, Am I right or are people labeling there cars wrongly online. I tend to find the small polo's...
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    New dubber

    Hello Torque Cars community just thought I would leave a post to what I can do with my first car * VW Polo MK3 CL Coupe 1.3 1993 * I am in need of some engine mods but not quite sure what to go for first. Any idea's ? Please help us.