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    BlueCruiser's '97 Bluebird project.

    Hey, this is what im planning to do to my factory standard 1997 Nissan Bluebird. i bought this after i crashed my mazda mx3 which was the beginning of a project. so i decided to modify this instead as around here there isnt any properly modified Bluebirds in New Zealand. (mostly boyracers just...
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    hey, ive broken one of my tail lights, and need to take it off and replace it but have no clue how to remove them. its just the plastic cover not the actual light cluster. any ideas? ;)
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    oh no!

    was at the gym, and as my old car was a 2 dorr sports hatch im used to a much smaller car. so i was backing into the parking space and cause my new car is much longer, i crashed into the fence and broke my drivers side rear taillight and chipped some paint on the bumper...
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    TorqueCars car club stickers.

    hey guys, please feel free to move this to the proper place as i couldnt find anywhere to post this. my old mazda-only car club, had stickers which we all displayed on our cars so we could spot other members round town and at car shows/events. i was thinking itd be a good idea to perhaps have...
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    Hey guys and girls my name is Zak i'm from Wellington New Zealand. I currently own a 1997 Nissan Bluebird which im in the process of doing up as a show car or cruiser. been reading a few things on here which has helped me plan what im going to do to my car and decided to join this website.