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    Just bought a golf 1.4 s MK5

    what on earth can i do to it. i want engine mods suspension and brakes and general looks i want like a DUB look before anyone says buy a bigger engined car i can't.
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    warranty mods

    anybody know of any mods i can make that will not effect the warranty. I have already bought some new panel air filters and i know it wont make too much of a difference but every little helps eh?
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    alriight so after my recent accident i thought its about time i bought a new car as i cant have my courtesy car for much longer so i have just bought a vw polo SEL 1.2 tsi 60 plate. Its just a lot of fun to drive :D Nimbus grey haha can't do anything to it im afraid untill the waranty is up but...
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    Written off the jetta.

    wrote of the jetta lovely. country lane, dark night blinded by some idiots high beams and the fact he had his fog lights on for no reason. however got a nice 2.0 TDi 140 brake golf as my courtesy car its so very fast shame its not the 170 brake TDi gtd eh?
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    polo gt40

    yay or nay?
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    1.4 16v or 1.6 16v?

    pre 2000 which one would you prefer? and which one can i get more out of.
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    Looking to buy a rallye

    Dont really know where to start tbh. any help is much welcomed.
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    Hi everyone

    HI THERE Just joined today. Been browsing the site for a while. Loving the site really friendly and alot of banter. Driving a VW jetta 1.9tdi. Had it about 6 months. looking to start a seat project as i love the shape of the leon pre 2005. we'll see what happens eh?