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    Air filter change

    Am I jumping the gun here. This filter has covered 8000 miles and looks like this. I have replaced it. Should I have left it longer?
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    Euro 6 emissions non news Well, there's a surprise. Wonder how much this bit of research cost? I could've told the DfT this for free!!
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    MoT advisory

    I've had my car back from MoT. Pass but couple of advisories. Does anyone know what these are: 1. Suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush offside front (front bush) [2.4.G.2] 2. (slight play in steering rack inner joints). No 2 worries me. Does this me a whole new steering rack is required?
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    Courtesy Car

    Passat in for MoT, timing belt and rectify slight vacuum leak leading to overly firm brake pedal if you apply a couple of times in quick succession. I have custody of a 1.2i 16v Corsa Activ courtesy loan vehicle. Not at all keen: noisy, cramped, wibbly wobbly steering, but so unbelievably slow!
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    Stupid Polls & stupid organisations

    IAM has a quick Drink-Drive survey on its site. I have concluded that the IAM is run by morons. On the homepage there's a button entited 'Who are the IAM?' The IAM is plural. 'What is the IAM?'...
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    When I grow up . . . .

    Passat1 by HDi fun posted 23 October 2015 at 15:33 I wanna be a Tesla
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    Tesla - test drive completed

    I've booked a test drive in a Tesla Model S for Sat 9th May. This should be interesting.
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    ICE and capacitors

    The fitment of large capacity electrolytic caps, paralleled with the 12v supply, in close proximity to speaker driving power amps is fairly common. I have a question (two) for the chemists out there: In what way does an electrolytic capacitor differ from a lead acid battery (accumulator)...
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    Two stroke oil in diesel engines

    Anyone tried adding mineral two stroke oil to the fuel tank in diesel fuelled cars? 1/4 litre added to the tank at fuelling time seems to take away some of the combustion noise and PD injector noise.
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    "New" Passat

    Not impressed - the Passat has thrown a series of fault codes at me relating to emissions management and fuel/boost regulation. Curiously the A/C has decided to go AWOL at the same time as the third tranche of faults showed themselves. Sadly I have already pumped money into buying it, plus...
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    I would just like to extend my thanks to the stupid driver who ploughed into the back of my car on Monday 7th April. He hit me so hard that the floorpan in bent in 2 planes and the driver's side rear door doesn't open. Needless to say the car is a total loss.
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid change

    My 528i is in it's 14th year and is now wearing over 145,000 miles. Everything works perfectly, and a recent investigative emissions test reveals that CO and HC are at ridiculously low levels etc. However, I have never been near the transmission. BMW says sealed for life. Hmmmmm....... the...
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    Fault code

    My car put up a fault light the other day, under full bore acceleration, and it reset itself after switching off and back on. Had ECU interrogated by local specialist (for free!)..... Intermittent misfire logged; Cylinder #5 They suggest replacing plugs (they're 60,000 miles old so even for...
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    Emissions test results Not bad for 140,000 miles. Original engine. Routine servicing only. Original Lambda sensors. Original Cats !!!!
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    Uniroyal Rainsport 2

    I have just removed the Rainsport 2 tyres from the front of my E39 BMW 528i. After 15,000 miles the wear rate is good in general but they have become so incredibly noisy at low speed. So bad that I suspected one or more faulty wheel bearings. The car has had a full four wheel geometry setup...
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    Vredestein Ultrac Cento

    Anyone used Vredestein Ultrac Cento? Currently I have Michelin Primacy 3 on the rear and Uniroyal Rainsport 2 on the front. Grip wise I cannot fault either however the Primacy 3 appears to wear far more quickly than Primacy HP which I had previously. The Uniroyals are wearing well on the...
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    Sealed for life

    I am considering getting the transmission fluid replaced in my old 528i Steptronic. BMW's position is to leave well alone as changing the fluid can introduce dirt into the transmission. The car is close to 130,000 miles and in fairness it shifts smoothly and quickly without slipping or...
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    HDi's HiDs

    Taken the plunge and finally fitted aftermarket HiDs to my ageing 528i. Yes, well worth the money - the factory dipped beam lighting was not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. Useless is the word that comes to mind, despite fitment of Osram Nightbreaker IIs. My car has the HB4...
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    Or - my car is so thirsty. . . . .

    That if I don't switch off the engine when filling the tank I never catch up :-)
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    Does anyone have the COM port settings (rate, parity etc for this device)
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    Christmas cheer

    Just a quickie to all here (and other passers-by, visitors, well, anyone really) to wish you and yours all the very best of seasonal greetings and general good cheer. Kindest and best regards to all, Paul & the rest of the HDi household.
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    Hit & Run Mk4 - Astra door mirror casing

    If anyone is in the vicinity of Westward Ho!, North Devon and happens to notice a silver Astra Mk4 with a missing driver's door mirror casing please would you be kind enough to notify me of the registration number. The idiot driver of this car clipped mine today whilst driving straight at me...
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    Need a second car

    It's (sadly) time for this family to become a two car one again. I need a work hack. Thinking of a Golf hatch with the 170bhp V5 20 valve engine. Ideally automatic but I'll take a manual at the right price and condition. Any opinions/ideas? Thanks in advance, Paul.
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    New Tyres

    Just got four new tyres and I am very impressed with the price. Michelin Primacy HP 225/55 R16 95W for £140 each all in !! Yes - balanced, valved, fitted, old carcasses disposed of. And a full four wheel alignment for £38 at the same place.
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    BMW E39 Becker head unit faulty/damaged

    Help. I have damaged the OEM HU in my car. Ran a can of Einszett A/C cleaner through it via the dashboard vents and stuipdly started the engine before waiting a good 1/2 hour, which is what I've always done in the past. The fans all came up full and have chucked the water based foam through the...
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    New tyres - Avon ZV5 - opinions

    I need to get all four tyres replaced in the next couple of months, certainly before late Autumn. I'm very happy with Conti, Michelin and Bridgestone but the economy, being what it is at the moment, I'm considering another set of Barum Bravuris 2's all round. These have proven to be excellent...
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    Puncture repair

    Just paid £24 (inc VAT) to have a simple puncture repair carried out. Seems a bit steep to me, though did include valve and balance. Still seems a bit steep. Some people only pay £24 for a tyre!!
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    How about ten cars you should avoid driving during your natural life?

    Re: 10 cars you should drive before you die We've done 10 cars you should drive before you die so how about ten cars you should avoid driving during your natural life?
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    How about ten cars you should avoid driving during your natural life?

    Re: 10 cars you should drive before you die Messerschmidt; Alfasud 1.5; Harrier jump jet; Tickford Capri; Renault 5 Campus; Land Rover Series 1; Bob the Builder's van; QE2; Leyland Roadrunner 7.5T; Postman Pat's van; Concorde; Any Vectra; How about ten cars you should avoid driving during your...
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    HDi's Mondeo

    This is my Mondeo, cunningly and convincingly disguised as a 5 series BMW E39 by means of a very good body kit.
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    Engine oil for 8 valve Astra 1.6 (petrol)

    I'm trying to persuade my father to get his car filled with synthetic oil to cure a problem with emulsion under the filler cap. There's no coolant leaks - the engine has been pressure tested so I'm guessing it's due to cold starts, or more accurately, cold stops. He seems to think that...
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    Can anyone offer an explanation as to why my car makes noticably less combustion noise on Shell Fuelsave unleaded than it does on any other fuel? Even V-Power is louder. It's equally smooth on all fuels, basically because it's impossible for a straight six to be anything but smooth. But...
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    E39 headlights

    How do I go about removing the headlights from my pre-facelift E39? It's not got the angel eyes' lights and they are not the HiD ones. Dipped beam is a projector lens arrangement, the main beam is a simple refractive one. The inside of the perspex/polycarbonate outer lenses are in need of a...
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    0w/40 - 5w/30

    I've just been handed for free a new and sealed 1L Castrol Edge 5w/30. My car is filled with Edge 0w/40. If I do need to top up (which is unlikely) can I mix Edge 5w/30 with Edge 0w/40? BMW E39 with M52TUB28 engine.
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    I'm considering coverting my 5 series to dual-fuel operation. The total cost of the conversion is £1600 + VAT, so just short of £1900 before January's VAT hike. This price includes a 77 litre toroidal tank which goes in place of the spare wheel. Does anyone have experience of BRC's fully...
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    Why I hate statistics

    Quoting:- This statement is made:-"DRIVERS UNDER 21 ARE INVOLVED IN 15% OF ALL ACCIDENT DEATHS" Think about it for a moment or two. Now, let me present the stats differently. .....In 85% of fatal accidents everyone involved is over the age of 21.
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    Technical innovations to replace current systems

    Right, we've had a bash at the most pointless features thing. What would you like to change in a modern car? Which features would you most like to see replaced with something technically innovative and superior? It doesn't have to be scientifically possible at this point, just ideas. The...
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    Recommended products

    This thread is not ro be used for advertising purposes. It's simply to tell others of our experiences with aftermarket car care and maintenance products. I'll nominate a couple. 1. Auto Bulbs Direct's own brand windscreen wipers. I recently bought a pair for the BMW and these are car specific...
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    BMW 330D Vs 328i

    330d with nothing more than a remap will deliver better performance than any 328i.
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    Most pointless features in a car

    What do you think are the most pointless (or least worthy) features in a car. It doesn't have to be your own car, just a feature that you think should be deleted and never even offered as an option on any car. I'll start with cup holders. Why the hell were these things so revered? They are...