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    Most 40+ mpg petrol car under £1000

    i have a 91 geo tracker its a ball to drive gets a steady 38 mpg and it will not die and you can buy them here in US for under $500 they tend to get rusty fast and so very cheep
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    How many wheel types are there

    hey i remember doing this to get around the rules in my old rally cars the book said that the car must run stock rims but never mentioned any thing about modifying them !lol as long as you had a really good welder do you up and use a perfectly rolled steel hoop of the same thickness it worked...
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    hello to all

    Hello every one my names gary and just found this site ,been a car nut for many years and different kinds,mostly older sports cars (30's-80's) 8 jags and some hot rods and a few antiques and every day rides too.this Tuesday picking up a new Fiat 500 and wanted to see what the tuners are doing...