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    Peugeot 106 xsi

    I have a chance to get a Peugeot 106 xsi 1.6 for my first car, it has full race interior with bucket seat and harnesses but standard on the out side with no mods so far, but it is very clean with nothing wrong with it and its cheap as well, only 500, so i was wondering what you think because i...
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    Impreza 1.6?

    Wat would be a better car of the 1.6's the Subaru Impreza 1.6 or the BMW 316i, i'm looking to get one and do a little modding so take that into account as well?
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    Citroen ZX Volcane 1.9i power increase

    I have a citroen ZX 1.9i volcane and want to know whats the best mods for it, i want to get the power up and keep it as a sleeper cause i havn't seen many around. She already has a bit of power but i want a big enough increase so i was wondering have any of u done work on one and what would be...
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    Best Tuning Mods For a Citroen ZX Volcane 1.9i

    Just wondering were to start with my new project, ZX Volcane 1.9i, want to get more power out of her so any tuning mods.